Friday, May 10, 2013

Why it Pays to Have a Company Blog

There are many reasons why you should consider having a company blog, the most engaging being that more than 50% of consumers begin a search for a new business or service online. The battleground for business in the 21st century is not on the high street, but through search engine results.

You may think that you’ve got a website, so that satisfies the online criteria. However, there are multiple benefits to supporting that website with a blog. Below are just a few ways that a blog can boost your web traffic, and as a result, your sales.

Demonstrate that your company is engaged online

A business that is engaged online is synonymous with success in the eyes of your internet-searching potential customer.

Finding a lot of content online about a company only goes to cement that company as being trustworthy, established and successful. It also demonstrates that your business is forward thinking and internet savvy, particularly if you are able to link your blog with a Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Linkedin account.

Give your business a personality

A blog is a chance to write in a more informal way. You can discuss ideas surrounding your field with wit and interest. The more engaging the better! The reader needs to gain something from the content, to be inspired to go on your website as a result and even share it with friends.

You can highlight things that make your business unique and get customers involved with competitions and the opportunity to comment on articles. A blog is way to start a conversation with your customers: to engage and involve.

Display your knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm

When writing a blog, it is important to create a range of content. A blog is an opportunity to promote your products or services but it can be more than that. And in order for people to want to read it, it needs to be more than that.

Say your company sells surf boards, as well as writing about your own products, you should demonstrate that your business is an expert on this area by also writing about surfing news, tips and good surfing locations. Providing useful and interesting information like this will impress potential customers. You get something out of the blog e.g. custom, and the customers get something out of the blog too, in the form of entertainment and useful information.

Give people a reason to read, share and enjoy your blog

The key to blogging success is just that, your blog provides a service in the form of entertainment. Do this right and you’ll have a happy and interested potential customer base.

A blog can generate traffic to your website but it is also a PR exercise. It allows you to portray a positive image for your company, at the same time as building a customer base.

Do you have any blogging tips you’d like to share? Why do you think it’s important to have a company blog?

Author Bio:

Jessica Beale is a freelance writer and professional blogger. She is interested in art, literature, film, science and digital media and enjoys writing about a variety of topics. Jessica is here writing on behalf of Dimasoft, providers of complete digital services in the north east from website design to SEO.

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