Sunday, September 29, 2013

Data projector rental money saving option.

Businesses big or small keep having some organizing events always going on like conferences, seminars, work shops product promotions and exhibitions. These are sometimes within the office staff or for the public and other businesses outside the office. Either way they need different projectors for different purposes. For these presentations these businesses usually need a data projector. Since the presentations are not a daily or regular affair, these businesses look out for agencies that have data projectors rental services.

Some big multinationals or large businesses may go in for outright purchase since they may need it at regular intervals but for smaller companies it may not be feasible and not fit in their budget. The data projectors come in for various purposes

1. Compact projectors:  Comprises of XGA resolution has data and video inputs with plug and play connections. They are small and sleek ideal for the frequent traveler. They are suitable for boardroom meetings. But again safety and additional bag to carry and risk of damage are a few points to be considered so since these are available on hire, it is preferable to take the equipment on hire. They have their own technicians who would take care of the fixing and proper connections.

2. Conference projectors:  Another type of device from the data projectors. They are much larger than the compact type but are more flexible and brighter. They are equipped with inter changeable lenses. Ideal for small to medium size projector screens.

3. Event projectors:  They are brighter than the rest and are capable of working in open areas. It has a normal throw lens adding the option of long or short throw lens based on your requirements.

Points to inform when taking data projector on rental:

  1. The product or project to be displayed
  2. Approximate  number of audience
  3. seating arrangements and venue if outdoor or indoor
  4. Level of visibility about the light or darkness around
  5. Distance from the projector to the screen
  6. Size of the area where audience would be sitting.
A few features of the data projector:

The data projector has the audio-video connection options and can project all types of documents. You should be clear about your specifications with the rental agency technicians so that there is no confusion or the wrong projector being given to you.

Do not try to operate or fix the projector yourself. Wait for the technician. He is an expert in the fields and would know the exact distances required and do the necessary connections to give you a perfect stage to operate from. Ensure that the quality and clarity is good so that the audience get to understand every point mentioned. When you request for the data projector rental, you will be given delivery the same day. Insist on the technician coming to install the projector. Also ensure that he is present at the time of presentation so that he could fix all the issues that may crop up before or during the presentation. You have taken the equipment on hire to promoter your business and so ensure you profit from it.

Select the best projector to have a successful presentation.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Amazon HDX - Mayday Support

The HDX also marks the arrival of Amazon's latest tablet OS -- and this time it has a name. The company's referred to the software internally as Fire OS for some time now, and has decided to let us in on the action for version 3.0, which carries the codename "Mojito." In a cute twist, it offers an alternative to Google's confectionary naming scheme, though if you were to dig far enough, you'd still find a Jelly Bean base here. The operating system maintains most of its predecessor's defining UI designs, built, as ever, around content. At the center, you'll find a river of apps, movies, games and the like, though now you can also opt for a more smartphone-esque grid version.
Bezos swipes down from the top of the display to pull up some quick settings options: Auto-Rotate, Brightness, Wireless, Quiet Time (to shut off notifications when you're doing things like reading) and the new software feature he's most excited about -- that third piece of the puzzle. He taps on a life preserver icon bearing the word "Mayday." A little box pops up in the corner of the screen. It buffers for a moment and a face appears. He introduces himself as "Dylan," adding "Hey Jeff," slightly giddy at addressing the billionaire founder of his company. "We have a few friends here, and I want to show off the Mayday button," explains Bezos.
"It's very complicated to do tech support over the phone," the executive adds, with Dylan waiting patiently on the other end. "With Mayday, a tech advisor appears on your screen and walks you through how to fix things." On his end, Dylan (or whoever among the thousands of support reps you should happen to be paired up with) can see your display, but not you. Ask him for some help (or something as inane as recommending a new game) and he'll walk you through the steps, drawing circles and arrows along the way, like some Monday Night Football commentator. Or, if you choose, he can just do it for you. You can also move the box around or he can do that for you, as well. If you have to enter a password, meanwhile, he can shut off screen-sharing.
Amazon debuts Kindle Fire HDX 7 and 89inch tablets, we go handson
"It's 24/7, 365," says Bezos. "If you look at Amazon's history, we're uniquely positioned to deliver this feature. We already have thousands of technical reps, and if we need to hire more people, we will." The company's goal is to keep wait time down to 15 seconds or less, though, as Bezos notes, Christmas Day will certainly put that to the test. But, "the Mayday button will be ready," he adds confidently.
Oh, remember when we mentioned that there's no HDMI out on the HDX? Well, the device doesn't actually stream directly to your TV. Using Second Screen, devices like the PlayStation 3 and 4 and Samsung smart TVs stream content from the cloud, even as you use your tablet to control it. That means that the device is freed up to offer contextual information through X-Ray, so you can find out the names of actors and songs, check out trivia through IMDb and, naturally, buy more Amazon content.
Amazon debuts Kindle Fire HDX 7 and 89inch tablets, we go handson
Also of note is expanded enterprise support. Apparently a lot of people have mentioned bringing their Fire to work, and Amazon has listened, adding VPN support and Mobile Device Management through companies like AirWatch and Citrix. And, of course, Goodreads support is coming, though, as with the Paperwhite, you won't be getting it at launch. You'll have to wait for the upcoming 3.1 upgrade to let your friends and loved ones know precisely what you thought of Stephen King's Under the Dome.
Both versions are available now for pre-order. The 7-incher will run you $229 when it starts shipping October 18th. The 8.9-inch version, meanwhile, isn't set to ship until November 7th. That one will run you $379. Add $100 to either, and you'll get 4G LTE through either AT&T or, for the first time, Verizon.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chrome to Drop Support for NPAPI Plugins Including Java, Silverlight, and Unity

Stating that “NPAPI’s 90s-era architecture has become a leading cause of hangs, crashes, security incidents, and code complexity”, Google has announced that it intends to remove the Netscape Plug-in API. Also known as NPAPI, this is the plug-in technology used host application runtimes such as Silverlight, Java, and Unity. They are beginning the process in January by disabling all plugins not a small whitelist. These are:
  • Silverlight (launched by 15% of Chrome users last month)
  • Unity (9.1%)
  • Google Earth (9.1%)
  • Google Talk (8.7%)
  • Facebook Video (6.0%)
Java, used by 8.9% of Chrome users, will not be whitelisted by default because it is already blocked for security reasons. Other NPAPI-based plugins can be enabled on a case-by-case basis by the user.
Effective immediately, the Chrome Web Store will no longer allow new NPAPI applications to be published. Existing ones can be updated thru May 2014, after which they will no longer appear in “Web Store home page, search results, and category pages”. In September 2014 they will be removed entirely from the store.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Going Viral – Taking Your Information to the Next Level

If you haven’t noticed, social networks are the way news is spread. From protests in Egypt and breaking news of chemical warfare in Syria to videos that make us laugh so hard we have to share, online communities are the way messages pass most quickly to a global audience. Never before has it been so easy to find out what’s happening across the world; it just takes a few clicks.

It’s easy to see why. In a recent Social Media Today study it was revealed that social networking has overtaken porn as the number one activity on the web. In fact, Pew Research Center’s most recent published social media study claims that over 72 percent of online adults regularly use at least one social network.

If there’s something that could spread your brand’s message quickly, it’s through your social network community, or the one you should start creating now. Viral marketing is defined as “a method of product promotion that relies on getting customers to market an idea, product or service on their own by telling their connections about it.” This can happen through e-mail, through posts, through Tweets or even through texted communications.

If your brand has information to share and you’re hoping to reach the largest possible audience, the key is to have a viral marketing strategy that is targeted and specific. In some cases a little luck is required as well. When thinking through your strategy, keep the following tactics in mind.

Know Your Market

If you don’t know your market and what’s important to them, your plan will fail before it can even be implemented. For instance, if you want to reach out to York web design companies but your marketing strategy would be found more appropriate for teenage girls between the ages of 14 and 16, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Any successful marketing strategy – especially those designed for the Internet – depend upon knowing your target demographic inside and out. Understand what activities that they take interest in. Know how they’re likely to access your information or to even hear about your company in the first place. Look into what networks they’re logging into; if you’re targeting professionals looking for networking opportunities, LinkedIn is probably the most appropriate network to get started with. If you’re looking to spread news about current events and happenings, Twitter’s a great avenue. If you have a photo you’re hoping to take viral – that links back to your company site or sales page – Pinterest or Facebook will serve your needs.

Make Sure Your Information Works

By understanding your market, you’ll be able to create posts that are likely to be shared…to make an impact. In order for a post to go viral, it must consist of the following:

·         It must be unique. If it’s been shared already, it won’t help you.
·         It must cause thought. If a user has to think about what you’ve posted, he or she is more likely to retain the information for sharing, even if that share is not immediate.
·         It must be relevant to the masses. If you’re targeting a small niche, virility could be next to impossible.
·         It must have a message. Your information must carry a message that matters to your brand and that you promote regularly. If not, there’s no way to link it back to your company – which should be your intent.

Additionally, your message must be properly formatted. If it’s a photo in a flash format, viewers could encounter issues on smart phones and other devices. If it’s a Tweet over 100-120 characters, your link could be cut off during the Retweeting process. Your intended viral marketing piece of material should not create any roadblocks.

Try, Try, then Try Again

Remember, even if your strategy covers all the bases, a truly viral piece of marketing can be difficult to come by. In fact, to many companies, that viral tweet that got them started – turning them into a multi-million dollar corporation – was a one-time thing. But, that’s all that it took, making it well worth the effort.

It may not happen on your first try. It may not happen on your hundredth try. However, if you keep at it, your brand could create a viral post that puts you on the map.

Friday, September 13, 2013

mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet by DaveChild

mod_rewrite RewriteRule Flags

CChained with next rule
CO=cookieSet specified cookie
E=var:­valueSet enviro­nmental variable “var” to “value”
FForbidden (403 header)
GGone - no longer exists
H=handlerSet handler
LLast - stop processing rules
NNext - continue processing
NCCase insens­itive
NEDo not escape output
NSIgnore if subrequest
PTPass through
R[=code]Redirect to new URL, with optional code (see below)
QSAAppend query string
S=xSkip next x rules
T=mime­-typeSet mime type

mod_rewrite RewriteCond Flags

NCCase insens­itive
ORCombine with next rule using 'OR' instead of the default of 'AND'

Redirection Header Codes

301Moved perman­ently
302Moved tempor­arily (default)

mod_rewrite Directives


Regular Expressions Syntax

^Start of string
$End of string
.Any single character
(a|b)a or b
(...)Group section
[abc]In range (a, b or c)
[^abc]Not in range
\sWhite space
a?Zero or one of a
a*Zero or more of a
a*?Zero or more, ungreedy
a+One or more of a
a+?One or more, ungreedy
a{3}Exactly 3 of a
a{3,}3 or more of a
a{,6}Up to 6 of a
a{3,6}3 to 6 of a
a{3,6}?3 to 6 of a, ungreedy
\Escape character
[:punct:]Any punctu­ation symbol
[:space:]Any space character
[:blank:]Space or tab
There's an excellent regular expression tester at: http:/­/re­gex­

mod_rewrite Server Variables: HTTP Headers


mod_rewrite Server Variables: Server Internals


mod_rewrite Sample Rule: Site Moved

# Site moved perman­ently
Rewrit­eCond %{HTTP­_HOST} ^www.d­oma­$ [NC]
Rewrit­eRule ^(.*)$ http:/­/ww­w.d­oma­$1 [R=301,L]
Rewrites to domain­

mod_rewrite Sample Rule: Temporary Page Move

# Page has moved tempor­arily
Rewrit­eRule ^page.h­tml$ new_pa­ge.html [R,NC,L]
Rewrites­m/p­age.html to­m/n­ew_­pag­e.html

mod_rewrite Sample Rule: Nice URLs

# Nice URLs (no query string)
Rewrit­eRule ^([A-Z­a-z­0-9­-]+)/?$ catego­rie­s.p­hp?­name=$1 [L]
Rewrites­m/c­ate­gor­y-n­ame-1/ to­m/c­ate­gor­­p?n­ame­=ca­teg­ory­-name-1

mod_rewrite Server Variables: Special


mod_rewrite Server Variables: Request


mod_rewrite Server Variables: Time

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Four Steps to Optimizing Non-Text Website Content

So much fuss was made about optimizing website text for search engines that it took a while before people started applying the same SEO concepts to non-text content. In fact, optimizing graphics and other non-wordiness may be more important to search engine rankings.

Long blocks of text still exist on the web, but what would you rather do, read a long blog or watch a video with cool effects? If you chose the video, you’re in good company. Unfortunately, many site owners aren’t doing everything they can to optimize these website elements. To reach the highest ranking possible, take these four steps.

Optimize Tags and Descriptions
Google’s algorithms can now distinguish relevant content from keyword stuffing. So have readers, for that matter, so you can no longer use the same word five times in one paragraph. Content tags and descriptions can optimize your site without making it looking obnoxious.

Instead of flooding your product description with the keyword contractor software, use it in descriptions and tags of photos on your site. However, don’t just write a bunch of tags — write a description you might share with a friend or colleague.

Change File Names
Most photos and videos are saved with a random string of numbers and letters, which mean nothing to search engines. Google and other sites look at file names along with tags and descriptions, so rename your files before publishing.

Think of your file name as a summary of your description. A video of a lecture from a physics professor could be named “Physics Professor Lecture.” There’s no length limit, as long as the name includes keywords and accurately describes the piece of media.

Use Simple Domain Names and URLs
Do the URLs on your web pages read like gobbledy-gook, or could you read them and know exactly what’s on the page? Descriptive URLs help search engines find you, and they help visitors find the information they’re looking for on your site.

Two basic rules apply to rewriting URLs. First, put your chosen keywords near the beginning of the name; search engines weight the first words more heavily than the last. Second, don’t make the name too long. Shorter names are easier for users and search engine spiders to work with.  

Choose the Right Formats
Search engines value certain content formats more than others. If you’re posting videos and photos that aren’t in a Google-supported format, the algorithms may ignore them altogether. Before publishing your content, convert it to a search engine-friendly program.

Most image and video editors allow you to export files into other formats. For instance, Photoshop saves photos in a PSD format, which Google doesn’t read, so export your file to a more compatible JPEG format. Also, keep the file small; faster downloads mean higher rankings.

Your website won’t be fully optimized until you manage every piece of it, including non-text elements like those listed above.

Adrienne Erin is a social media marketer and avid blogger who writes regularly for Search Engine People and SiteProNews.

Monday, September 9, 2013

ChromeCast from Google

I recently bought Chromecast from Google, actually Worst Buy because I got it 4 times faster. Here are a few quick snippets of what it does:

  • Laptop Mirroring - Great - minor lag, but tolerable 
  • Phone Streaming Youtube, Netflix, and Google Music / Video - Great

It needs some more apps to get integrated with it - ABC Family, CBS, and Hulu so I don't have to lug out my laptop. This would definitely be rectified if I bought a tablet with a desktop OS on it so I could just install chrome and use mirror mode the whole time.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Check it out!


Infographics Made Easy


The ultimate key is simplicity. All you need is to drag, drop and voilĂ ! informative yet stunning visuals can be created with just a few clicks. We at Piktochart strive to make this tool so easy for you that your infographics are created quicker than you can say "infographics"!
Experience it
Interactive Charts & Tabs


Forget dry, lengthy and mundane data! Make that first impression last. Craft amazing content that is easy to digest for your customers with us.
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A Bigger and Better Selection of Graphics


Unleash your creativity with a wide selection of high-res and print-quality thematic graphics. Owning more than 1000 graphics, our added feature of SVGs simplifies your action of exporting higher resolution images. What's more, share these beautiful infographics with your customers via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ with just a click away.
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Your Output/Exports are Now Search-Engine Friendly


Do you know what that means? Previously, you have been able to create infographics and store them as an image (JPEG, PNG). We have now added an additional interactive layer, made it so easy for you to share it on social media and more importantly, search engines can now crawl the content of the page so that your piktocharts play an even more vital role in your marketing strategy.
Experience it

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Use Social Media to Get People Talking

It didn’t take long for social media to start playing a big role in our lives, so we shouldn’t be surprised at how many businesses and public figures use it to build up a following. While many of them know how to create profiles on sites like Facebook and Pinterest, they seem to have more trouble with the “social” part of social media.
Even if a lot of people like or follow your feeds, they’ll eventually stop visiting if you don’t post anything interesting, let alone interact with you. If your social media presence is going to be social, you have to get people talking. Here are four ways to do it.

Take Informal Surveys
Some businesses spend millions on sophisticated market research, but you can use your social media pages to get the same insights for a fraction of the cost. Ask followers to name their favorite foods, cars, or whatever else is relevant to them. If the holidays are approaching, ask people what they’re doing. Ideally, your questions should relate to your brand, but even generic questions can generate the kind of chatter you want.

Make Exclusive Offers
Companies selling Ford products use social media to keep people up to date on everything pertaining to the business, from new products to happy customers to commercial use. You’re not yet a household name, however, so you need to more aggressively motivate people to interact with you. Exclusive deals might do the trick. Many start-ups offer special discounts and freebies to attract a loyal following, but the right offers can convert followers into loyal customers.

Hold Contests
Everyone loves to win things that’s why lotteries earn so much money every year. It’s also why a contest open to followers could give your feeds a healthy boost. For instance, followers who submit photos or videos of your products could enter to win a cash prize. To make it more interactive, ask followers to choose their favorite, and then give the prize to the winner. The more active your followers, the more chatter your profile will generate.

Invite Feedback
One of the reasons consumers follow their favorite brands on social media is because it provides another way to communicate with them. In fact, many customers use these pages to read product reviews, get technical support, and issue complaints, often because it takes less time than calling customer service. Make sure you’re encouraging this kind of feedback; more importantly, make sure you address issues as soon as someone posts about them.

If people aren’t talking about you or your business, they probably aren’t buying much from you, either. Create social media profiles to start up the conversation, and follow the steps above to keep it going.

Adrienne Erin is a social media marketer and avid blogger who writes regularly for Search Engine People and SiteProNews.