Sunday, September 29, 2013

Data projector rental money saving option.

Businesses big or small keep having some organizing events always going on like conferences, seminars, work shops product promotions and exhibitions. These are sometimes within the office staff or for the public and other businesses outside the office. Either way they need different projectors for different purposes. For these presentations these businesses usually need a data projector. Since the presentations are not a daily or regular affair, these businesses look out for agencies that have data projectors rental services.

Some big multinationals or large businesses may go in for outright purchase since they may need it at regular intervals but for smaller companies it may not be feasible and not fit in their budget. The data projectors come in for various purposes

1. Compact projectors:  Comprises of XGA resolution has data and video inputs with plug and play connections. They are small and sleek ideal for the frequent traveler. They are suitable for boardroom meetings. But again safety and additional bag to carry and risk of damage are a few points to be considered so since these are available on hire, it is preferable to take the equipment on hire. They have their own technicians who would take care of the fixing and proper connections.

2. Conference projectors:  Another type of device from the data projectors. They are much larger than the compact type but are more flexible and brighter. They are equipped with inter changeable lenses. Ideal for small to medium size projector screens.

3. Event projectors:  They are brighter than the rest and are capable of working in open areas. It has a normal throw lens adding the option of long or short throw lens based on your requirements.

Points to inform when taking data projector on rental:

  1. The product or project to be displayed
  2. Approximate  number of audience
  3. seating arrangements and venue if outdoor or indoor
  4. Level of visibility about the light or darkness around
  5. Distance from the projector to the screen
  6. Size of the area where audience would be sitting.
A few features of the data projector:

The data projector has the audio-video connection options and can project all types of documents. You should be clear about your specifications with the rental agency technicians so that there is no confusion or the wrong projector being given to you.

Do not try to operate or fix the projector yourself. Wait for the technician. He is an expert in the fields and would know the exact distances required and do the necessary connections to give you a perfect stage to operate from. Ensure that the quality and clarity is good so that the audience get to understand every point mentioned. When you request for the data projector rental, you will be given delivery the same day. Insist on the technician coming to install the projector. Also ensure that he is present at the time of presentation so that he could fix all the issues that may crop up before or during the presentation. You have taken the equipment on hire to promoter your business and so ensure you profit from it.

Select the best projector to have a successful presentation.


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