Friday, August 29, 2014

Engadget's smartphone buyer's guide: fall 2013

Engadget's smartphone buyer's guide: fall 2013

Engadget's smartphone buyer's guide: fall 2013
As the leaves turn to gold and flutter from the trees, the Engadget team digs out their scarves and mittens to get ready for the mad rush of phone launches that take place ahead of the holiday season. We've seen big devices (both large and high-profile ones) enter the world over the last few months, including new heavyweights from Apple and Google. Then there's Samsung, Nokia and HTC, which are all following the philosophy that bigger is better.
But it's not just on the hardware side that things are getting exciting. T-Mobile's eliminated roaming charges and Verizon is doubling its LTE speeds to a whopping 80 Mbps. AT&T is offering customers a $5 daily pass for internet and is making mobile share plans the standard rather than the exception. Of course, if you'd prefer unlimited data, Sprint is promising that its Spark LTE will beat the field -- but it's currently only available in NYC, LA, Chicago, Tampa and Miami. Whether you're looking for a smartphone right now, or if your contract is about to expire, this is your guide to the best ones on the market.

Monday, August 25, 2014

PICTION - Interactive Wall


  • Single integrated platform that addresses the requirements for digital resource control, management, commercialisation and distribution. From simple through to complex, Piction's platform can scale to your business requirements.
  • Manage digital resources such as still images, PDFs, Word files, documents, audio, video, spatial and blobs.
  • Rapid implementation and cost-effective solution.

I've been tasked with evaluating and seeing how we can leverage this technology for our local history department. I need to see more because from the original interface it seems very similar to an HTML 5 application.

I've been having trouble getting a hold of anyone there.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Drag and Drop with HTML5

Drag and Drop with HTML5

Drag and drop is a very common feature. It is when you "grab" an object and drag it to a different location.
In HTML5, drag and drop is part of the standard, and any element can be draggable.

Browser Support

Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari
Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari support drag and drop.
Note: Drag and drop does not work in Safari 5.1.2.


function allowDrop(ev) {

function drag(ev) {

function drop(ev) {
    var data = ev.dataTransfer.getData("Text");;

<div id="div1" ondrop="drop(event)" ondragover="allowDrop(event)"></div>

<img id="drag1" src="img_logo.gif" draggable="true"
"drag(event)" width="336" height="69">


Friday, August 22, 2014

Android UI


Social Media Guidelines

Content via AL and SS

Cross Platform Guidance
  • Kids
  • Food
  • The Color Green
  • Clean Humor

  • Link the user off of facebook ONLY when there is no other option and the post is absolutely necessary (Twitter is a much better option for links).
  • Monitor through the day.
  • It is okay to go one day without a post, but not more than that.
  • Limit to 1-3 posts per day.
  • Use multiple images whenever possible (albums for more than three images).
  • Limit copy to fewer than 75 words.
  • Display pertinent information in an image, where possible (getting a graphic from our website or from a designer).

  • It is okay to go one day without a post, but not more than that.
  • Good for information that needs to travel fast (closures, changes in information)
  • Great for posting links to other sites and information (news stories, TLCPL website, etc…).
  • Good for events happening the day of the post.
  • Good for sharing information at things happening NOW (Ready to Read news conference, for example).
  • In social media coordinator’s absence, be sure to monitor the Notifications/Mentions area to respond, favorite and retweet where appropriate.
    • Responding to other users is more important than generating our own content

  • Great for photos of events happening NOW.
  • Does not need daily maintenance during social media coordinator absence.

  • Emphasize clean humor

Friday, August 15, 2014

Social Media Content Ideas

General Ideas for Content:
  • Video Walkthrough of your facilities
  • Live stream your all-hands meeting
  • Turn your CEO loose on Twitter
  • Read, act on, and respond to reviews
  • Actively solicit feedback
  • Introduce your team
  • Let your customers meet and chat with your employees online
  • Participate in MCM, TT, WCW, TBT
  • Engage Positive Feedback (show personality)
    • Thank Them
    • Return the Favor
    • Ask them to take action
  • Respond to Negative Feedback
    • Respond Quickly
    • Don’t Delete
    • Don’t Feed the Trolls (stay +)
  • Show Personality
  • Share Content
    • Be the brand people trust for great finds
    • Avoid controversial topics
    • Be thought provoking
    • Get your Audience’s mind racing
    • Have fun, use meme or a funny video
    • Ask them what content to share
    • Share Knowledge
    • Use different media types - ebooks, vines, infographics, pinterest
  • Follow your Following
  • Act Quickly

Monday, August 11, 2014

Flat UI Infographics by Google

These looks so good.

it friendly


We’ve designed Google Tag Manager with marketers in mind, but webmasters and IT folks will love it too, thanks to features like user permissions, automated error checking, and the Debug Console.

Mobile Ready

Google Tag Manager works for both mobile websites and native mobile application. For mobile applications, you can even configure your application after a user has downloaded your app. Never get caught by old versions or forgetfulness again.
easy testing

Easy testing

Our unique Debug Console and Preview Mode make it easy to verify that new tags are working properly, before you publish any changes. So marketers can check tags themselves, and webmasters can breathe easy.
plays well

Plays well with others

Google Tag Manager supports Google and non-Google measurement and marketing tags, many with built-in templates. So you can quickly adopt new marketing tools whenever you’re ready.
agency friendly

Empowers Agencies

Multi-account support and user permissions mean agencies can easily use Google Tag Manager to help manage their clients’ tags.
rule driven

Rule driven

You want specific tags to work at specific times, like when a user reaches a thank-you page after a purchase. That’s why Google Tag Manager lets you create custom rules and macros to collect exactly the right information at the right time.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Top publisher embraces Oyster's and Scribd's Netflix-like services for e-books

Open course books on a desk in a library
Out of the five biggest publishers, HarperCollins was the first one that understood the potential of Nextflix-esque services for e-books like Scribd and Oyster. Simon & Schuster seems to have caught on, though, because it's just agreed to make roughly 10,000 of its digital tomes published at least more than a year ago available on the two aforementioned services. Since three of the Big 5 have yet to sign up, titles from indie and other traditional publications still dominate Scribd's and Oyster's rosters. (Not that we're complaining -- that's a great way to discover books you wouldn't pick up in a store otherwise.) But, this deal adds a ton of popular titles to the mix, including ones written by authors you'll most likely recognize, such as Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thompson and Jodi Picoult. As to how these huge publishers are getting paid, GigaOm says they'll get the same amount as they'd earn from traditional stores once a reader reaches a certain percentage of a book. Thus far, neither service has announced an increase in subscription fee, so it sounds like a great deal for insatiable bookworms.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.

We envision a future where everyone has access to a world-class education. We aim to empower people with education that will improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in.

How It Works

Discover a course and sign up today

Learn on your own schedule

Achieve your goals

Friday, August 1, 2014

Use your smartphone to purchase donuts at Tim Horton's

When you're in a hurry to get that much needed sugar fix, you can't be bothered to futz with things like actual currency or debit cards. Thankfully, Tim Horton's now allows mobile payment options from iOS, Android and of course, BlackBerry devices for nabbing up a half-dozen quickly. A select few locations will accommodate those handset-driven payments via NFC while others allow scanning a receipt barcode to deduct monies from a the virtual Tim Card. iPhone users can also add the donut and coffee outfit to Passbook for easy access when the need arises. As you might expect, useful add-ons like restaurant locator, reloading funds, accessing nutritional information (which we recommend you just ignore, it's donuts!) and others are baked right in.