Friday, August 15, 2014

Social Media Content Ideas

General Ideas for Content:
  • Video Walkthrough of your facilities
  • Live stream your all-hands meeting
  • Turn your CEO loose on Twitter
  • Read, act on, and respond to reviews
  • Actively solicit feedback
  • Introduce your team
  • Let your customers meet and chat with your employees online
  • Participate in MCM, TT, WCW, TBT
  • Engage Positive Feedback (show personality)
    • Thank Them
    • Return the Favor
    • Ask them to take action
  • Respond to Negative Feedback
    • Respond Quickly
    • Don’t Delete
    • Don’t Feed the Trolls (stay +)
  • Show Personality
  • Share Content
    • Be the brand people trust for great finds
    • Avoid controversial topics
    • Be thought provoking
    • Get your Audience’s mind racing
    • Have fun, use meme or a funny video
    • Ask them what content to share
    • Share Knowledge
    • Use different media types - ebooks, vines, infographics, pinterest
  • Follow your Following
  • Act Quickly


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