Building the Future

Your devices are all like magic genies. With the right apps, they can help you do whatever you want. Imagine a world where you can describe any need, at any time, and find the right app to help. We’re building that world.

The Future is Apps

There are millions of apps available and thousands more being created every day. Whether you’re looking for mobile apps, desktop software, browser extensions, or web apps, we seamlessly connect you with the right tools.
We invented Functional Search™ specifically for apps. Functional Search™ revolutionizes the way you find apps by allowing you to describe what you want to do. Whereas other search engines require you to know the name of the app you’re looking for, with Quixey you don’t need to know the name of an app to find it. Simply describe your task and we’ll return a list of apps to help.

Purely Algorithmic

If a friend asks you to find an app to “stream music online,” you’d research online to find the best one. Why not let Quixey quickly do it for you? Our proprietary system automatically gathers millions of pieces of data from across the web, including blogs, reviews, articles, and tweets, to learn exactly what each app can do. Since we know what each app does, we deliver the best results for your query. Quixey is purely algorithmic.