Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 2014 Analytics Update

April 2014 Product Update
This month in Google Analytics: Universal Analytics leaves beta, new video campaigns reports show the full value of TrueView ads, App Analytics gets better, steps on how to get started using Remarketing with Analytics, and tips on telling your story with data.
New Features
Universal Analytics Leaves Beta: Feature Parity With Classic Analytics, New Reports
We’re happy to finally announce: Universal Analytics is out of beta and along with it come new reports and features for all Analytics users, including cross-device reports. Universal Analytics is the re-imagining of Google Analytics for today’s multi-screen, multi-device world and all the measurement challenges that come with it. Since we launched UA in beta, we’ve seen some exciting use cases. Learn more.
Understand The Full Value Of TrueView Ads With The New Video Campaigns Report
We’ve heard lots of feedback from loyal Google Analytics users asking for better TrueView reporting, which is why we’re so excited to announce a new Google Analytics Video Campaigns report that focuses on your TrueView ads. With this new report rolling out over the next few days, users can now see in detail the effects of their TrueView campaigns on their website traffic and revenue. Learn more.
Mobile App Analytics Get Better With New Tools
We’ve launched 2 new updates to Mobile App Analytics. The first: Analytics is fully available in the AdMob interface on a new Analyze tab. App developers now have a one-stop way to measure success and adjust their earning strategies. Second: we are enabling content experiments for apps: an easy way to set up and run experiments to change anything from in-app promotions to menu layout. Learn more.
Tips and Best Practices
Get Started with Remarketing With These Simple Steps
Dynamic remarketing lets you create and deliver beautiful customized ads that connect visitors with their unique past shopping experiences on your site. Get started with Remarketing in Analytics today with these quick steps and reconnect with your users. Learn more.
Learn How To Tell A Meaningful Story With Data
Most organizations recognize that being a successful data-driven company requires skilled developers and analysts. Fewer grasp how to use data to tell a meaningful story that resonates with an audience both intellectually and emotionally. Googler Daniel Waisberg explores this important topic on the Think With Google site. Learn more.
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