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Content is king on Facebook, too.

  • Update Your Facebook Status
  • Launch Facebook Ads
  • Share Information With Fans
Within these three buckets and more, think about why you would visit
a website. Usually, it’s to find answers or tips for some question or
curiosity consuming your time. Use Facebook Pages as your means
for answering such questions or curiosities through any variety of the
following content types:

1. Blogging
Blogging can be extremely helpful in these content creation efforts. Fresh
content not only engages your Facebook community, but it also has the
potential to bring more SEO love to your website. Google loves fresh posts
and will display them higher in the search results. A blog also gives you a
reason to send people to your website on a regular basis, which is why many
corporate brands blog.

2. Frequently asked Questions
Every business has ten or more frequently asked questions. Rather
than retyping the answers every time someone posts the question on
your Facebook Page or asks you via email, list the answers on an easily
accessible page on your website.

3. Relatable Examples
Examples are a great way to connect with your audience. Whether this is a
case study on how to use your product better, an inspirational example
of how to be a more efficient cookie eater, or a testimonial left on your

4. Visuals
Just one month after the introduction of Facebook Timeline for
brands, visual content — photos and videos — saw a 65% increase in
engagement. Whether this means creating images, purchasing images,
or sharing graphics with proper attribution, there’s endless opportunity
for image variety. You can see some examples of visual variety in our
Facebook photo stream.

5. Pose Questions
Here’s the thing with questions: They give as much as they take. Asking
questions on Facebook, according to research from Social Media Scientist
Dan Zarrella, is an excellent way to generate more comments. Just keep
in mind that while questions do encourage comments, they tend to garner
fewer Likes and shares.

6. Videos
Videos involve a longer commitment from your Facebook audience. But
when it comes to having content variety on your page, a video can be a
nice change of pace. Just be sure that when you do post a video, it’s good
enough to merit a reader’s time.

7. Quotes or Facts
Sometimes the easiest way to garner attention from your audience is
to simply post a statistic relevant to your industry or a quote from an
influencer in your industry. This type of short-form content is very low
commitment for the reader, making it easier for them to accept and act
on the message via a Like, comment, or share.

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