Monday, August 11, 2014

Flat UI Infographics by Google

These looks so good.

it friendly


We’ve designed Google Tag Manager with marketers in mind, but webmasters and IT folks will love it too, thanks to features like user permissions, automated error checking, and the Debug Console.

Mobile Ready

Google Tag Manager works for both mobile websites and native mobile application. For mobile applications, you can even configure your application after a user has downloaded your app. Never get caught by old versions or forgetfulness again.
easy testing

Easy testing

Our unique Debug Console and Preview Mode make it easy to verify that new tags are working properly, before you publish any changes. So marketers can check tags themselves, and webmasters can breathe easy.
plays well

Plays well with others

Google Tag Manager supports Google and non-Google measurement and marketing tags, many with built-in templates. So you can quickly adopt new marketing tools whenever you’re ready.
agency friendly

Empowers Agencies

Multi-account support and user permissions mean agencies can easily use Google Tag Manager to help manage their clients’ tags.
rule driven

Rule driven

You want specific tags to work at specific times, like when a user reaches a thank-you page after a purchase. That’s why Google Tag Manager lets you create custom rules and macros to collect exactly the right information at the right time.

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