Monday, May 13, 2013

What you need to know on iPhone 5 security

Since the release of iPhone 5 on September 21, 2012, the security performance of this new phone has been discussed heatedly among IT experts and its users all over the world. iPhone 5, the sixth generation of the iPhone, is regarded as a slimmer, lighter version that equipped with a 4-inch higher-resolution screen. When Apple announced the latest version of its popular smartphone, the iPhone 5, CEO Tim Cook proclaimed that this new device was the best iPhone the company has ever made. However, in the eyes of many people, iPhone 5 doesn't have much new security features and shouldn't be regarded as "the best", at least, in consideration of security.

In iPhone 5, a feature attracts many attentions. Instead of entering a whole password to your smart phone to unlock your phone, a face recognition system has been introduced in iPhone 5 for the automatic verification and identification. It is done by comparing the face of the user from the stored database in the iPhone 5. It is quite helpful to its user to keep the phone from malicious people. It is the only outstanding security feature found in the new phone, according to some IT experts. If so, for iPhone 5 user, how can they make their phone as secure as possible?

Useful tips to enhance iPhone 5 security
It is possible that data thieves can find everything from financial information to email accounts to pictures of deposited checks on your iPhone's memory if you treat security lightly in your daily usage. You should firstly set a passcode for your iPhone 5. It is a useful way to prevent your data from peeping by others. Besides, if you're tempted to surf the web using free Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or any other public places, think again. You should know that open wireless networks are a free-for-all for hackers. Avoid exposing your personal information by logging into your bank account or social media account while using an unsecured network. Try to turn off your Bluetooth when you're not using it. In addition, nowadays, the development of computer hacking technology is surprisingly. For example, once Windows 7 users use a password reset tool in the case they don't know how to reset Windows 7 password, they may download some malware without any doubt. For iPhone 5, the quantity of malware is much less, but it does exist. Pay more attention when you download or upgrade your applications.

Top iPhone 5 security apps Choosing reliable iPhone 5 security apps is also an essential means to secure your device. The first app that I'd like to recommend you is "Find My iPhone". It provides you with a map location of your device, so that you can get it even if you lose your iPhone 5 or if someone steals it. It also allows you to display a custom message on the phone's screen, remotely lock your device or set an alarm sound for two minute at full volume. It can also be used to find your iPhone under a pile of dirty laundry, erase all of the data on your phone, remotely lock the device, etc. You can now locate your device remotely through the web, automatically save its location before running out of battery, and backup all your personal data with the help of Lookout Mobile Security. Besides, if you have a lot of private information, say, important passwords, stored in your iPhone, mSecure is a good choice for you.

Scott Morgan is a senior editor covering Windows and iOS reviews, mobile computing, and tech culture. He is now focus on writing on system security, say, how to safely reset Windows password. Sometimes, you may also find some shocking news on IT in his articles.


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