Sunday, May 19, 2013

Electronic Cigarette Technology Develops as the Industry Booms

Like with all industries, the added interest in and popularity of electronic cigarettes has led to an increased level of innovations. As the product proves to be more than a simple fad, new businesses and manufacturers are joining the marketplace. This has led to numerous breakthroughs and technological developments.

The electronic cigarette is used as an alternative to the traditional cigarette in a high percentage of cases. As such, there are a number of parameters by which vapers (the aficionados of e cigs) judge their electronic cigarette:

  •          The lower cost of using the electronic cigarette
  •          The perceived health benefits
  •          The efficiency of being able to vape almost anywhere
  •          The environmental benefits

It is important for electronic cigarette manufacturers to take advantage of these benefits and maximize their effects.

Intelligent electronic cigarettes can be completely customized by their users to prolong their lifespan and efficiency. This increased efficiency and longer lifespan can significantly reduce replacement costs and thus reduce the total expenditure. The customization allows the vaper to use the e cig the exact amount that they desire.

A number of large tobacco companies are investing heavily in electronic cigarette manufacturing. As such, their research and development teams of consistently new ways to improve the quality of all e cig components. Cartomizers, batteries and e liquids are being constantly revamped and improved for longer life and improved usage.

Due to the industry’s relative infancy; electronic cigarettes are yet to plateau as new production techniques are being devised and revised. Only when the product’s optimum efficiency is reached will the speed of innovation slow and halt, much like the computer console industry wherein innovation is slowing as a plateau is reached. The technologies are similar in the regard that both can be updated by the user without reinvestment.

Furthermore, the technological advances allow the electronic cigarette to be more environmentally friendly than the traditional cigarette could ever be. The average electronic cigarette is almost completely recyclable now whereas the tobacco cigarette takes upwards of 26 years to decompose, clogging up public areas and bodies of water for decades.

The only revelation that is working counter to the popularity of the electronic cigarette is the prohibition of their use in various public places. Whilst there are no legal reasons for public places to outlaw the use of the e cig, some establishments have banned them in their individual regulations. Despite this detracting fact, the e cig can be used in far more places than its older but not necessarily wiser tobacco brother.

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