Monday, May 20, 2013

Google Monthly Analytics Update - May

This month’s Google Analytics updates include an invitation to try a new tool providing insights into the customer journey, announcement of Premium availability globally, improvements to Dashboards and ideas for using Universal Analytics. Access Analytics »
Better Understand the Customer Journey to Online Purchase
Savvy marketers understand that you don’t always seal the deal with a single tactic. A user may see a display ad, click on a link from a friend, or do a search before buying something from your site. To help you better understand the increasingly-complex customer journey, we’ve created a tool that lets you explore online buying behavior and see how different marketing interactions affect business success. Learn More.
Google Analytics Premium Expands into Europe
We have recently expanded Google Analytics Premium to France, Germany and Spain. Google Analytics Premium is all the power and ease you expect from Google Analytics standard, plus extras that help larger businesses get the most from its robust capabilities. Many brands in these regions are already putting Google Analytics Premium to great use.Learn More.
Real-Time Widgets Now Available in Dashboards
Google Analytics Dashboards give you a simple way to arrange a set of related custom widgets into a report you look at frequently (see dashboards for a variety of use cases in our Solutions Gallery). We have recently expanded dashboards’ functionality with four new real-time widgets that you can plug into any dashboard (new or existing) of your choosing. Learn More.
Ideas For Using Universal Analytics for Business
Universal Analytics introduces a new set of Google Analytics features allowing businesses to gain a deeper and more strategic understanding of what’s capturing the attention of customers as they move from online to offline. So how can Universal Analytics help businesses turn customer data into sales? Google Analytics Certified Partner Loves Data designed a simple experiment to find out.Learn More.

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