Saturday, May 11, 2013

RA SEO Efforts Successful

Lately I have been focusing my time on a ton of SEO, search engine optimization, work for RA. My goal is obviously to rank well, duh, but more importantly I am aiming at keeping our bounce rate low, a high conversion rate, and increasing traffic. We currently use Adwords as a way to gain ground in markets that we don't rank well in, but we also are using it for words where we should rank well. This is very disappointing from a marketing standpoint because that budget could be allocated in a much better fashion.

So by spending more time on SEO I am adding value to the longevity of the marketing plan. I am blogging, guest blogging, creating backlinks, utilizing inbound marketing, and helping define a brand through social media: twitter, linkedin, google plus, and facebook. By creating yourself as a knowledge base and letting people seek you out for answers, you gain notoriety and build your brand in a positive light. I've seen great success with this method.

Just last month we increased all of our keywords, gained 8 new number 1 rankings, gained 12 new number 2 and 3 rankings, and gained 7 new keywords on the first page. This is a tremendous improvement for any company and I have a lot of work to do in May to match April's success.

We increased these keywords to the 2nd and 3rd places from low on the first page:

Alloy 20, Alloy 718, AL6XN Plate, UNS N08367, A-286, and Alloy X

I'll keep this a tradition now where I update based upon my progress - it's not an easy path and there is nothing tangible for people to grasp or even visualize well with SEO. Good luck in your own battles and I hope we aren't fighting each other. Ha!

The eCommerce funnel is not an easy path to navigate when your products aren't pick and ship ready. A lot of time must be allocated into the ordering process which means a greater drop off and a higher exit rate. To avoid this problem clear and concise calls to action need to be used and a linear process is often more helpful than a tabular brokerage account screen seen on an online account overview with charts, graphs, and trending data.

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