Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to Make Your Website Social Media Friendly

Have you wondered why every business uses social media to market itself? Social media has emerged to be one of the most significant and cost effective ways to market and build a brand. It is therefore only wise to invest some money into your website so that it is social media friendly and therefore accessible to a larger audience. Here are 5 things you can do:

Fresh & Quality Content
High quality content attracts readers and thinkers who refer to your content on various other platforms. If you have interesting, fresh, relevant and high quality, it is more likely to be shared on various social media channels. You could use your own knowledge to build content on your website, or hire professionals who will do it for you. A lot of people invite highly qualified guests to write for them. This not only contributes to higher quality content and more visibility on social media, but also builds credibility of the brand among readers.

Easy to Share
The easier your content is to share, the more likely it is to be shared. When creating interesting content for your website, ensure you also have easy to use accessibility and sharing options installed on your page. Buttons for sharing the content on different social media channels should be installed on every page of your website so that every time a reader comes across something interesting, they can easily share it in their social circles.

Comments Reviews & Ratings Functionalities
Enable comments on your websites, wherever you feel the content can generate a meaningful discussion. The best thing about this is that you get instant feedback. You can always moderate the comments section to ensure that the discussions remain civil and inoffensive. You can also allow your readers to review your content, thoughts, products and brands in various sections of your website. Additionally, a rating functionality on each page can also help you get instant feedback from your readers. These are all very easy to do, and therefore should be a part of your website right from the planning stages.

RSS Syndication
RSS syndication is often considered a very powerful tool for marketing. It enables people to subscribe to your posts and comments so that every time your website is updated, they get a notification in their mails. This helps them follow the content they deem interesting, credible and readable. RSS content is usually read using special software known as RSS reader. The readers who use RSS syndication usually have this software installed. However, it is important for you to give them the option to subscribe to your feeds.  

Integrate Facebook and Twitter Feeds
Facebook and twitter have both come up as the most used social media channels. Therefore it is important to use both of them to promote your website. Integrating the Facebook and Twitter feeds with your website help you publish to your social media pages directly from your website. Every time you publish new content, it will be automatically published to your profiles on Facebook and twitter. You can select which content you want to publish on your social media profiles. This makes it even more powerful.

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