Friday, May 10, 2013

Blue Martini Photography

Working with Christin and Melissa from Blue Martini Photography, BMP, was amazingly easy. They don't ever guess at what works - they know. If you feel silly doing something - trust them. It might end up being your favorite shot. I could not be happier with the results and my experience with BMP.

One of the great things that you don't notice about BMP is that they take so many photos while you're not even paying attention. They are able to grab candid photos of everyone enjoying themselves, so that when you look back at your photos you get to relive moments you had forgotten about.

I had specifically asked my family if they noticed the photographers getting in the way and they couldn't think of a single time where they had jumped in and ruined the moment for someone. BMP does a great job of capturing your day and letting you relive those moments.

Oh yeah!

The pictures they do are so good - they don't even need to spend time editing them. This means you get your pictures back faster to enjoy.

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