Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reinventing Your Brand

This is a fantastic article I came across on LinkedIn about branding, when to re-brand, and if branding changes your blog. The author of the article and the book they reference shows how branding is not a personal choice to make, but a choice based on the view point of others. This is a fundamental principle in the branding or re-branding process.

As a branding expert, Clark has many interesting things to say about people and companies who seek to fundamentally redefine what they stand for in the minds of others. 

My favorite excerpt is part 3 after already having identified the need for a re-brand whether it is because of a problem in service, goods, or a company change in direction.

3. Real reinvention starts with showing your value to others. If you really want to rebrand, you have to solve a problem or address a true need of someone else. What you do for others, not what you say, is your real brand. I believe this is the single biggest factor of success for a person in a job or a company in a marketplace. People from Michael Milken to Al Franken have reinvented themselves by making a difference for years through research or public service respectively—as have brands like Harley-Davidson and Apple by focusing on giving people great product experiences. There was more than a change in words - there was a change in actions as well. And not just once but over time.

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