Monday, May 20, 2013

Backup your data

Data is a vital part in ensuring a business’s success, so it is extremely important that you make sure you have it stored some place safe in case you suffer from data loss. If you do suffer from data loss and you have not had any backup system in place it could cost your business both time and money.

The process of backing up your information is simply to copy and archive the data from your computer so that it is able to be restored back in its original state should you lose it.

Ways of backing up your information include magnetic tape, hard disk, cloud, optical storage, solid state storage, remote backup service, onsite backup and offsite backup. The two that are going to be concentrated on in this article are onsite and offsite backup.

Onsite backup:
Onsite backup involves having a software company install their software onto your IT systems so that you can then backup your data onto their system. The software is extremely reliable and secure so you need have no worries. The backup software will be arranged and set up so that any computer within the building is able to backup information to the system. It is extremely easy to use and highly efficient. Onsite backup in generally the most preferred method to be used by businesses and individuals.

Offsite backup:
Offsite backup makes sure that you are covered for business continuity, data archiving and disaster recovery. The system works via an internet connection that automatically backs up any data that has been stored on your computer. The data is then stored in a data centre situated away from your own business organisation. Even with your data stored away from your business you are still able to gain access to the data. Most software companies will use your organisations internet connection so that there is no need to install any new hardware. Some companies will even store your data in two separate locations a long way from each other for that added security measure. Generally you will have all your data restored back to you within 24 hours.
It is important that you choose a backup system that will suit both you and your business so consider your options and take it from there.

Author Bio:
Katy is a UK based writer and lives on the internet, when she is not browsing she is writing about it. Katy currently writes for a dial up internet site so understands the need to back up your data, there is nothing worse than losing connection right in the middle of something!

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