Friday, April 26, 2013

General Social Media Tips from LA Marketing YPD Media

 The world of social media has opened to doors to a plethora of opportunities for consumers to share their thoughts and opinions on everything from the weather and politics to adorable photos of cats where photo-shopped hipster glasses. When it comes to social media for businesses, professionals must take care to enact a more structured approach to the information that is shared and the interactions they engage in with prospective clients and customers. Marketing agencies everywhere are taking note. The top LA marketing firms are paying attention to what’s happening in social media.
When businesses enact a “one foot in the door” approach to social media they tend to fail. The social media audience requires genuine interactions and consistency to stay interested. Potential buyers and customers need valuable information that is interesting and shareable. Common sense approaches to high quality content will increase both your search and social media visibility. The convergence of social media and search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful thing. Here are some tips from my Los Angeles marketing firm to help you harness the powers of Social SEO:
·         Think outside the box. Facebook users are constantly bombarded with boring advertisements and ho-hum content. Present a visually exciting page that will catch the eye of potential customers and regularly follow up with engaging and relevant content to keep followers
·         Be a good host. Facebook users are under no obligation to like your page. When a user fans your page they virtually declare to everyone in their social web that they like your product, brand, business, etc. A little thank you can go a long way.
·         Pay attention to the comments about your business, brand, or product. Make sure to pay attention to your target market and prospective clients to see what they’re sharing and following.
·         Ask engaging questions that get prospective customers involved. Honest sharing shows users you’re listening.
·         Respond to requests, comments (good and bad), and compliments in real time.                 
·         Persistence pays off. Engage with your community regularly. Gaining followers and creating quality content takes time, don’t waste it by dropping the ball on your social media interactions.
·         Create engaging content by using compelling images that stir a reaction in your target audience.
·         Use hashtags (ex: #hashtag) when you create pins and tweet those pins. Social media intertwines so make the most of it.
·         When a user repins one of your pins, take care to follow that user. You’ll gain new fans by paying attention to whose watching you.
Tell me! How do you interact with clients on the various social media platforms? What negatives and positives have you encountered through social media for your business? Do you have any favorites? Do you have any tips or tricks of your own?


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