Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Boost SEO Efforts with AdWords PPC Campaigns

Search engine optimization is among the most popular ways to promote one’s business online. Search engine optimization, which is commonly referred to in shorthand as SEO, includes editing a website to incorporate targeted keywords that are related to the site or business’ industry, as well as generating links to the site and building a social media network around the site among other techniques. The end goal is to increase traffic to the website by increasing the website’s rankings for targeted keywords on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. One common technique used to boost a website’s popularity on these websites is a PPC, or Pay Per Click, campaign. 

A PPC campaign is an advertising campaign. Instead of placing the ads on television, the radio or the newspaper, the ads are placed on search engines. If you ever search for something on Google, you will notice that there are text ads on the top and the side of the search results. These are ads that were created using AdWords, which is Google’s advertising platform for business owners. Any individual can simply create an account with Google to begin building his advertising campaign. However, ad costs vary according to the account holder’s daily budget, as well as the price of the keywords one targets during these campaigns. For example, a website owner that sells gourmet goods will create ads that appear when Google users search for “gourmet cheeses” or “French wine.” When a Google user clicks on one of these ads, the account holder and website owner must pay Google because this is essentially paying for traffic to the website.

Additionally, creating a campaign with AdWords can help increase your SEO efforts. Chris Bergstrom, the president of the leading search engine optimization company Bergstrom SEO, recommends that individuals interested in this type of advertising do their research beforehand. It is vital that business owners conduct thorough keyword analysis to ensure that the keywords they are targeting, and consequently paying for, will lead to conversions, which leads to greater revenue. Beyond these benefits, AdWords campaigns can lead to greater SERP (search engine result page) CTR (click through rates), as well as ideas for optimizing landing pages.

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