Friday, April 5, 2013

Pinterest: 5 Ways to Harvest Pinterest's Awesome SEO and Social Power

Pinterest is the web's fastest growing social media site with more than 10.5 million unique visitors and growing daily.  It's grown a massive 4000% in just six months and is already turning a tidy profit – something that the other social leaders never achieved in the early days.  Why?  Pinterest is addictive.  It whips users into a sharing frenzy.  It allows you to upload all your e-Commerce pics, whack a price tag on them and then make a sale in a single click – and on the flip side, gets buyers whipped into a buying frenzy and empowers them to check the product and price and buy in a single click, and oh how they're buying!  Great for business, but also great for small business SEO.  Pinterest users don't just share your content; they share your link with that single click. So, how do you harvest the awesome SEO power of Pinterest?

Link well

Once you've set up your boards, upload your photos and infographics to your boards and include your link (Pinterest also allows for deep linking but doesn't display the whole link).  Be sure to add keywords to your image descriptions and board names so that your boards will be found by search engines.

Tag well

Use #tags to add your pins to Pinterest keyword searches, this will GREATLY increase the number of shares you receive.  Use @tags to bring your pins to the attention of potential sharers (especially those with lots of followers).  To @tag a popular pinner, simply follow any one of their boards.

Organize well

Making your boards visually appealing will encourage users to dig deep into your content and to share more.  Make board topics highly relevant and keep content on each board interesting and original.  Over time, your boards may start to look identical to your competitors – being specific and adding original content will make them stand out. 

Sell Well

Pinterest has an outstanding CTR, use it.  Label all e-Commerce products with a keyword rich and well written description.  Product description writing is an art, do it well.  Include a unique name or product code, postage details and other relevant information in your product description.  Add a price tag to each picture by typing the $ symbol and the price and clicking "pin it".

Share Well

Pinterest makes pinning easy.  Integrate Pinterest with your existing social media by searching for the app in each medium.  Encourage your social media likers and followers to add the "pin it" button to their browser and on mobile devices.  Add Follow buttons to your website by visiting the Pinterest Goodies tab and most of all, interact with other pinners, enjoy the experience, get addicted and share in the bounty of this social phenomenon.

Author Bio.

Dana Flannery is a Social Media Marketing and Small Business SEO Specialist with content marketing firm Talk About Creative.  Talk About Creative provides bespoke content driven SEO strategies to business.

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