Monday, April 1, 2013

Google's April Fools Pranks 2013

This morning I got an email from +Zachary Schulz on The Next Web's rendition and review of Google's top April Fools Pranks 2013.

I've gotta say, Google has always done an exceptional job in convincing people of what seems outrageous become real. They are clearly international leaders in innovation, much like Disney, and do an outstanding job in revealing their products, real or fake.

  • Pirate Map on Google Maps
  • Google Nose - smelling for fun
  • Gmail Blue Skin
  • Youtube Closing
  • Google Analytics shows International Space Station visitors
I'm sure there are some more, but at least this is a neato overview of what you can expect :)

I think my favorite is the Google Maps showing pirate treasure locations - they always put so much time and effort into a positive and interesting public image.

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