Monday, January 20, 2014

10 Trends in Mobile

Macro Trends

1. Content + Context

In mobile there was a big focus on creating and serving content that was appropriate given a user's context. Context in mobile includes, time of day, location, device, keyword, or site. This can include responsive design, click-to-call, or many other tactics.

The key is to understand and consider that even if a user is searching for “running shoes” they may react differently to that same keyword search at 6 p.m. near your store as opposed to 9 p.m. at home on their couch.

2. Google Now

Google Now iPhone iPad
The power of Google Now as a movement toward predicting a user's needs, rather than reacting to them, is a big shift in 2013. Google Now will show you the time it takes to get to work without inputting the address, or pull flight information for scheduled events in your calendar. A key advancement in how we interact with our devices.

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