Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get The Word Out - Seven Ideas To Get Your Business Booming During The Slow Times

You can substantially increase the amount of traffic that your company's website receives each day by engaging numerous communities on the social media networks, launching a pay-per-click campaign and giving countless promotional products to potential customers.

High-Quality Content

The more often you post high-quality content on your website, the higher the site will rank in the organic search results.

The targeted keyword phrases that you write about should receive at least 5,000 monthly queries in Google, but they should be phrases that have little competition from other companies in your niche.

Social Media Optimization

Facebook currently has more than 1 billion users, and YouTube is the third most popular website in the world.

In addition to creating pages on each of these networks, you should frequently post promotional codes on your profile, comment on the posts of other users and upload photographs of customers happily using your company's products and services.

Promotional Products

You should give away many products that include your company's logo, phone number and website, and some of the most effective products that are used for advertising include t-shirts, pens, promotional golf balls and accessories for playing the sport, wristbands and mouse pads.

Local Directories

After you place ads for your business in numerous local directories, you should encourage patrons to leave positive reviews about your company in these directories by offering the customers a 15 percent discount on their next order for each beneficial review that they post.


A marketer must consistently establish high-quality backlinks, or incoming links, on webpages that are in the same niche as your company's website.

In order to leave links on other webpages, you can add comments underneath blog posts, post articles on informational and educational websites and add a link to your website under instructional videos that your company posts on YouTube.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

By starting a pay-per-click campaign, you can choose the geographical areas from which your website receives traffic, change the amount of money that your business pays for each click at any time and even place large ads next to the organic search results in Google.

Pay-Per-Call Advertising

Numerous studies have shown that businesses earn 30 times the amount of money per call than companies earn for each click that their websites receive on average.

When you launch a pay-per-call campaign, you can choose the amount of time that each call must last for the affiliate to be paid and give substantial bonuses to affiliates who perform well in order to encourage them to generate more calls.

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