Saturday, November 9, 2013


In this class, our presentations will take the form of a graphics program (PowerPoint). But, there

are many other audiovisual aids from which to choose when producing a presentation. Below is

a brief description of some of these choices.

ß Overheads/Transparencies

ß Chalkboards and Flip Charts

ß Audio and Audiovisual Equipment

ß Handouts

ß Computer-Generated Presentations

o Advantages-Inexpensive and easily available

o Disadvantages-Technology can fail (e.g. burned out bulb) and is now considered

“old fashioned”

o Advantages-Do not require electricity, chalkboards are “reusable”

o Disadvantages-Hard to “hide” from audience (can’t put a piece of paper over

them like an overhead) so can draw attention away from presenter

o Advantages-Can bring vivid examples to an audience

o Disadvantages-Presents chance of technical failure, requires great effort to

ensure that the audience can see and/or hear them

o Advantages-Inexpensive, don’t depend on technology for their use

o Disadvantages-Audience might focus on them and not the presenter

o Advantages-Allow for “special effects” such as computer-played video, Internet

connection, etc.

o Disadvantages-Potential equipment failure and can become “overdone” and


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