Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Five Best Tech Deals for Your Business

Staying ahead of the competition as a business owner can be difficult. One thing that can certainly give you an edge is technology. However, investing in new tech can also be extremely expensive. To help, below are five of the best tech deals you can obtain for your business.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is far cheaper than having your own servers. It also allows you to connect to a network from anywhere in the world, permanently backup files, and remotely run applications. If you run a business, making the small investment in cloud computing can certainly pay off. All you have to do is sign up for an account with a cloud hosting provider.

Paperless Fax

Paperless fax machines are now available and can be worth a lot for a small business. Dealing with paper can be an expensive hassle. However, now there are a number of paperless fax machines on the market that can send and retrieve a fax as a digitized file. Nothing has to ever be printed. Use this technology to connect with clients and customers in an easy and convenient way.

Instant Messaging

Facilitating easy communication between employees is integral to running a smooth operation. In the past, everyone had to be gathered in the same room, or sent memos to communicate. This is no longer the case thanks to instant messaging programs like Skype. All individuals involved in your business will be able to video chat with each other instantly. Better yet, the program is free to download. Consider using email chat as well to have employees connected to each other at all times.

TV on Demand

One thing many small businesses need is television. Whether it is a bar, or dentist’s office, providing TV can help keep customers satisfied. Cable and satellite TV subscriptions, however, are expensive. One solution is to obtain a TV on demand service. Set-up is simple and to run Bell TV on demand, all you need is to hook up a remote PVR. While it may seem like an extra expense at first, when you look at the whole picture, TV services can really lend a hand to any business.

Mobile Devices

Your employees also need to be able to communicate when not in the office or at home. A lot of work is done on the road. To help increase efficiency, providing your employees with mobile devices is a great idea. One good choice is Bell mobile phones. These can be bought with service plans in bulk for your employees. They will allow your employees to communicate, and access the company network from nearly anywhere on the planet.

Overall, technology can increase efficiency, productivity, and help you reach new customers. While investing in technology can sometimes be expensive, there are ways to obtain the benefits of new tech while staying within a budget.