Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where Google Gets Their Data on You

If your one of the millions who use gmail, google or YouTube, you're searching and sharing information across the internet. One of the great things about google is you can search, share and save all of your information in one place without having to register or create usernames on other sites. Your friends can see exactly what you're doing on google plus and you can save your documents on google drive. What you may think is a very secure and trusted source, actually isn't as secure as you may think. In this infographic by Dell Gines, you can take a look at exactly what google is sharing.

Where Google Gets Their Data on You

Google's street view camera's, which are collected by cars with cameras to give you map and street views of neighborhoods and cities, collected about 600 gigabytes of data from homes. This data was stolen from private Wi-Fi networks but no disclosure or privacy policy was given, notifying users that this would be taking place. Not only is google taking your information without asking, but so is the U.S. government. Since January 2011, the government requested data 39,581 times. The 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act allows the government and law enforcement to obtain data without warrant if it is at least 6 months old. There are only more changes to come, allowing for more of your information to be shared. Be careful with the information you share across the internet.

A Thank You goes to Frank for this Guest Blog and infographic on "Where Google Gets Their Data on You".

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