Monday, March 4, 2013

Glossary from my SEO / PPC Monthly Report


Backlink – A link to a page on rolled alloys’ website from an external website. For example: There is a backlink to the Rolled Alloys website near the bottom. I wish it was for Super Duplex.

Domain Age – How long the domain has been active.

Domain Expiration – The date in which our domain would expire unless we renew it.

External Link – A link on our website that links to another site. We should make these all rel=’external no-follow’ so that we don’t lose page ranking.

Inbound Link – See Backlink.

Internal Link – A link on our website that links to another page on our site. These will be do-follow links.

Moz Rank - The rank on which your website is valued based solely on external links vs. # of pages.

Page Rank – PR is the measure of strength a page has in Google. It is no longer the standard for measuring how you rank within Google or what SERP

Unreachable Pages – Pages that can’t be reached through normal indexing by search engine spiders. This is usually due to a bad menu or link structure.

Robot.txt – Restricts what pages a search engine can see.

SERP – Search Engine Results Page – where we show up in the rankings.

XML Sitemap – This is the code version of our website navigation. It helps search engines navigate our website.