Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Americans are Losing the Internet Speed Race

If you live in America, you probably never knew how we compare with other countries in terms of internet speed. Me personally, I thought we had to be atleast in the top 3 in all internet categories. Well in this infographic done by Zing Broadband, which takes a look at average connection speeds and web traffic by country, reveals America isn't as strong as I thought. According to average internet speeds, America is 12th among all countries. Our average connection speed is 6.7 Mbps, which is less than half of the number one country, South Korea with 15.7 Mbps.

Another interesting aspect of this infographic is just who controls the internet in America. Essentially there are 3 companies that control almost 50% of the market share for broadband internet speeds. These 3 companies are charging the 70% of Americans who have high speed internet at their home an average price of $46 per month. Compared to South Korea who gets more than double the speeds at $8 cheaper per month, not to mention that 94% of their population has high speed internet. The average household is using 52 GB of data per month and that number is supposed to multiply by 4 in 2016. Hopefully something is done about the internet providers in this county and hopefully its done faster than our current speeds.

A Thank You goes to Frank for this Guest Blog and infographic on "Why Americans are Losing the Internet Speed Race".