Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What to Watch If I Use Facebook to Promote My Business

With hundreds of millions of active users, Facebook has become one of the most powerful marketing and business tools in the world. Unfortunately, even with the amazing potential of this social networking website, many businesses are still falling by the wayside when it comes to maximizing their use of this platform. This is why it is important for business owners to understand a few important features when it comes to Facebook, their company, and their future.

Treating Business Pages like Personal Pages
 One of the biggest mistakes that many business owners make is treating their company's Facebook page like a personal page. While there are always going to be similarities, there are a few differences that everyone should remain aware of. The first step is to educate oneself on how marketing and advertisement work within social networking. This website is not just for posting interesting facts about the business, it is about building personal connections with customers and then watching the relationship grow.

Stop Selling and Start Campaigning
 When analysts are asked about the number one downfall of business pages on Facebook, most will state that it is when companies treat their webpage like a storefront. Instead of attempting to sell products through Facebook, business owners should treat it as an advertisement and connection tool. Facebook users are typically not surfing through Facebook to purchase an item, they are there to be entertained and engaged. Companies that have the ability to keep their customers and fans coming back time and time again are going to enjoy increased profits and much more loyalty in their customer-base.

Facebook is Hands-off, Automate It
 Facebook can be an exceptional tool due to the fact that almost all features can be automated to some extent. For the most proactive businesses owners or advertisers, this may lead to some mixed feelings. There is a time and a place to take the time to manually do everything, but Facebook does not typically need to be one of those instances. Page owners should look to private, third-party companies that provide real time releases, status updates, and the ability to create events. These inexpensive tools can often save huge amounts of time while making the Facebook page more enticing to users. When the connections have been created, owners can then devote their time and energy into keeping these customers happy.

Play By Facebook's Rules
 It may seem like an obvious suggestion to remain within the terms of use, but all of these rules are not as apparent as one may think. Facebook does a very good job at updating their rules to keep up with changing circumstances and technology. This is why those that operate a Facebook page should schedule a time to thoroughly review any changes to the ToS as frequently as possible, preferably once a month. If this important step is missed, company owners may quickly find themselves and their business permanently banned from Facebook and out of an amazing marketing and advertisement tool.

Link Users to Where They Want to Go
 Another powerful feature of Facebook is the ability to create customized marketing campaigns for users based off of their likes, dislikes, sex, age, and location. One common mistake, however, is using these advertisements to link to a company's main website. Not only does this discourage any potential customers, Facebook typically dislikes company's rerouting their visitors to outside websites. Try linking advertisements to the Facebook page instead. For those with a compelling page and enthusiastic fans, this can often lead to a quick and efficient sale.

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