Friday, February 8, 2013

SEO and Social Media Competition

I often start my dad with light reading from Hubspot. I love their whitepapers and frankly I am a little behind on my knowledge. I did great for the first 5 months of being here and keeping on top of the outside world, but lately I have been slipping with so much occurring in my life. This morning the whitepaper was about SEO vs Social Media in a time competition.
Time and again, social media and SEO take the inbound marketing cake. But for marketers with limited time and money, SEO and social media often become competing priorities. I mean,  it’s not like you necessarily have all the resources in the world to throw your full weight behind SEO and social media. And the thing is, it’s usually better to do one thing well than two things, well, not well.
In my case I know that at Rolled Alloys we will perform SEO far more often than social media. The metal industry can be a little, dated.

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