Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jenkins for Cron Jobs

I learned  to use an interesting web application today. It's name? Jenkins. It's purpose? To manage Cron Jobs.

The interface itself isn't gorgeous, but it is at least circa 2004. (Nothing like Moxie's Live Chat 1991 interface.)  Jenkins is a play off of Confluence.
Confluence combines powerful online authoring capabilities, deep Office integration and an extensive plugin catalogue to help people work better together and share information effortlessly.
Half of the team working on our projects utilizes Jira, Confluence, and Jenkins while the other half uses Trello and Jenkins. I personally love Trello - it's simplistic in every aspect and provides a high level easy to use interface for developers and project managers alike.

If you are new to Cron Jobs Jenkins would make it easy to understand and learn how to use it. If you are not new to Cron jobs, Jenkins could help you expand the complexity of your work by providing tools, scheduling, and tracking options not available on all systems.

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