Friday, February 22, 2013

Change History for Google Analytics

I love seeing new features in products I already have, especially free ones. I am in Google Analytics several times each day whether its for reporting or for gathering data for analysis, I like to stay on top of our information because we make changes daily to our website. I like to engage and watch how it impacts SEO and PPC. It effects our budget and how we proceed daily, weekly, and in the long term.

There is a new Change History tab at the account level, alongside the Data Sources and Account Settings tabs.
The Change History lists:
  • Date column: The date and time of the activity
  • Email column: Which Analytics user performed the activity
  • Activity column: The Analytics object (e.g., account, user, profile, goal, filter), and what activity was performed on the object (e.g., added to account, created, deleted)