Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Quandry

I can't decide what I want this site to be.  I don't know if personal reflections are going to be preferable and if I should leave my code snippets, free files, and other thoughts elsewhere since creating a menu navigation based upon labels is out of the blogger realm.

I think I will start off with something simple.

I'm going to use this as a repository for things that I learn throughout the course of a day or several days. This will most likely be Velocity / dotCMS findings and then of course normal web solution architect chores like SEO / PPC, HTML, CSS, UI and UX.

So without further adieu...

Does anyone have trouble with their Galaxy S3? I sure do - I can't text worth a crap on it. I don't know why, initially everything was fine, but as I got more acquainted with it, I tried to type faster. No dice. I don't know if its the processor, the ram, the background applications, or my big fingers, but something is causing this normally wonderful device to make me look like a fool.

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