Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Working Remotely

So far it's been pretty easy to work remotely with a new baby. His sleep schedule has been convenient that the middle of the day I'm able to knock out any morning projects and in the evening he lets me tackle anything left over.

Working remotely cuts out all of the unnecessary interactions and distractions that tend to pop up during the day. I'm able to isolate time that is key for completing tasks and will new objectives might come on the radar, when someone has to write an email they tend to think over what necessary aspects need complete. This leaves an email to be more concise and controlled so that the true objective comes out.

I do enjoy making my workplace anywhere that I want. The ergonomic furniture tends to make me more productive. I had asked for MacBook so that I could have a nice portable workplace.  It has been an absolute dream to use during this highly mobile time! 

I'm sure eventually I'll get tired of not having the direct human interaction. That might be in a few years, so for now remotely working is still a dream!

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