Saturday, February 21, 2015

How Will Online Marketing Change This Year?

Content marketing has promised to be the number one outreach device in the coming year. The content for your website will serve as the number one purveyor of web traffic in your online marketing campaigns. Here are some of the basic things you need to know about content marketing you may not already know.

Original Content
Although there are plenty of third-party tools that will allow you to assimilate and syndicate the content of others, this is a short-term strategy at best. Major search engines are equipped to ignore and punish websites that are not publishing their own content. You may be able to use syndication for short-term sale, but in the long run, create avenues for original content.
Get Protected
Once you’ve gained a reputation as a content creator on your site, others will invariably try to steal it for their own benefit. Make sure you have legal and digital protections for your website so the search engines will come to your website first in order to index it. You can be sure to receive the most link juice if you spend money on protecting yourself now rather than later.

Go to the Right Place
Just because you are writing content doesn’t mean the correct people are seeing it. You must test the distribution of your content using tools such as adCore, which will allow you to view your website as if you are on different platforms and in different geographical locations. Find places where you can view it from new perspectives and always market to your target audience for content and articles.

Keyword Smarts
Keyword generation and organization is an incredibly important part of content marketing. Keywords serve as a sort of red flag that allow major search engines to properly index your content and make it seen by more people. A dental SEO company, Progressive Dental Marketing, says to use one of the many keyword tools to find out what your audience is searching for online. Create content that uses these keywords in a natural sounding way, being sure not to overuse them. There are many free keyword percentage checking tools online that will keep your keyword usage in balance with the rest of your content.

Companies today are doing their best to be on the cutting edge of content marketing. They want their material and business name to be known. Find out ways to work towards the audience you want to engage with. Whether it’s new social media platforms, or better, more creative content. Once you know what you need to improve, the rest will come easy. This year promises many changes for online marketing and your content should be the first thing you revamp.

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