Saturday, February 14, 2015

SEO Basics: How Online Marketing is Changing

The online marketing landscape has evolved immensely throughout the past few years. The age of stuffing websites with keywords and depending solely on Facebook for social media traffic is over. Businesses must adapt to these online marketing changes to achieve better search engine rankings and more online traffic. Be sure your company is taking part in these changes and that you know what to look for in your SEO program.

In the past, Google and other search engines placed a premium value on keywords for search engine rankings. Today, Google now values content as a major determination for search engine rankings. Although the keywords in the content are important, the most valuable aspect is the quality of the content. Examples of online written content include blogs, sponsored articles, and press releases. A recent trend in search engine optimization is the emergence of visually based content like photos and videos. Essentially, search engines place a higher value on content that is engaging and warrants a discussion.

Social Media
For many businesses, social media networks are a great source of public relations. In addition, social media networks provide traffic to websites and helps with search engine optimization by providing social value to a business. While the standard social media networks include Facebook and Twitter, this may not be the case for every business. For example, a company that is based on business-to-business transactions might value LinkedIn as their best social media network instead. 

Link Building
External links on other websites is still a major part of online marketing. And while this can easily be achieved by submitting a website link to online directories and forums, this may not be the top way to achieve the best search engine optimization. Many companies are reaching their target audiences online by having their link, their content, or an advertisement, on a niche website. For example, CEO Bart Knellinger says in online Progressive dental marketing, this includes sharing your link on a dental related website.

The popularity of mobile usage continues to grow. It is therefore a standard in online marketing to have a website that is mobile-friendly. Some business might interpret this as a need to create a mobile application. However, this usually means creating a website that is responsive and will perfectly fit the size of the screen of any electronic device. Google values websites that are mobile-friendly. The more electronic devices that can comfortably access a website, the more traffic possibilities for your company website. 

Internet marketing is reaching an age where mobile is going to be everything. As online marketing continues to evolve, businesses must stay on top of the changes.

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