Saturday, June 14, 2014

What is Majestic Research?

What is Majestic Research?

It’s a place to disseminate new market reports. When we carry out market research and analysis that contains cool data and downloadable stuff, we’ll release much of it for free through Majestic Research. Quite simply it’s a mailing list that we will only use when we have something new to tell you. Something you won’t have seen before and (we hope) some things that will occasionally impress you. Some things that we do are really not about SEO at all. For example, in the summer we released the Twitter top 1,000 list through Forbes, and later released the full top 50,000 Twitter profiles… which you will still get if you join the Majestic Research list today.

If you already downloaded the Twitter top 50K list, then you are already part of Majestic Research – no need to sign up again, but don’t panic, we are using the market leading system, Mailchimp to manage the list so you will always be able to unsubscribe or change your settings. We will never sell your email address. What kinds of “Market reports” are we looking at? If we had set up the Majestic Research list years ago, some of the things we might have put into Majestic Research might have been: Downloading our “Majestic Million” list.

A list of the top 1 million domains in the world, updated with every Fresh Index. A Study on what is the best university in the USA. Some useful Excel Templates to do cool stuff beyond the web interface. In the future, with the incarnation of Topical Trust Flow, which dramatically improves our understanding of the web, I expect to be able to produce regular and insightful reports about: Groups of People influenced by (and influential in) specific topics Groups of business Country comparisons Previously unobtainable list.

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