Friday, June 6, 2014

Analytics On Demand

Analytics On Demand is an online service of analytic modules that allows a public library to load data from their ILS or other electronic systems and immediately view usable reports with additional patron or collection insights. Meaningful results from analyzing and predicting patron needs and interests by household can assist libraries in allocating budget for resources, services, and collection development. Who uses your library? What do they use? Who does not use your library? What are the demographics of your customers?

This service allows the public library to:
  • Better understand the community that they serve
  • Predict what people are interested in
  • Deliver relevant services

Specific features include:
  • Simplicity—no data formatting. Extract and load the file(s); the applications clean and format the data
  • Census demographics and lifestyle characteristics (MOSAIC)—Your library data is ‘blended’ with other demographics data within the application to provide additional meaning and insight
  • Fast and only you handle your data—No need to deliver data to offsite agencies or IT departments requiring delays in processing and/or computer programming staff; you load the file and immediately see and be able to act upon the results
  • Easy-to-use predictive and spatial analytics
  • “Visual analytics”—Represents visually to easily tell your story and create a new path forward

Advantages over other solutions available on the market:
  • Household-level data—Identifies and analyzes your patrons to the household level, not the block group (block group analysis identifies the dominant ‘cluster’ which can be misleading)
  • Lifestyle segmentation—Using MOSAIC, which has undergone a complete rebuild in 2013
  • Easy, usable formats—Export reports to Excel, PDF, Word, HTML
  • ‘Anytime’ report generation with updated files—life is not static or a onetime event;  take action (add library content, initiate marketing programs, etc) and then measure the effect by re-running the applications 

The first seven standardized apps include Patron Profiles, Collection Intelligence, EBooks(overdrive), Magazines (Zinio), Audiobooks, Database usage, and Computer usage.

Share with others, run unlimited reports, training & setup, and marketing services are all included. Gale Analytics On Demand is available at special pricing through June 30 so consider starting now! Get the data you need to know how your library is impacting your community and where.   

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