Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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We noticed that you sent yourself an email with Signals enabled.

We've designed Signals so that you shouldn't receive notifications when you open your own emails. If you're looking to test how Signals works, we recommend sending an email to hello@getsignals.com as it will show what it looks like when someone opens your email. An automated program monitors that email address and should open it within 30 seconds after you send the email.
We built Signals this way for two reasons:
  • We felt it would be annoying if you received a notification every time you opened an email you had sent (whether it was just to yourself as a reminder, or to many people). This applies to looking at messages in your sent folder, replying to a message, or scrolling through messages in your inbox.
  • Technical details about the way Gmail and Apple Mail works make it so that it's impossible to send you notifications when you open your own emails.
  • This also covers the case when you email one of your other email addresses. If you open the email in the window that has Signals installed, you won't get a notification.
If you ever start receiving notifications when you open your emails, there's a problem with Signals! We'd really appreciate knowing about it, if it ever starts happening.

Thanks again for using Signals, we appreciate it!

Hubspot Signals - Sign Up!

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