Sunday, June 8, 2014

Are your emails safe, Andrew?

Are your emails safe, Andrew?

Last week, thousands of Take Action members joined us and many other groups in pressing for real surveillance reform in the USA FREEDOM Act. But whether or not Congress pulls through, there are things you should know about keeping your emails safe and secure.

An email actually goes through a lot of steps between when you hit "Send" and when it lands in the recipient's inbox. Your message is secure only if both the sender's and recipient's email providers encrypt them in transit. We've put together a page that details how this kind of encryption works, and which email providers support it.

Take a look, and see how your provider, and those of your friends, performs.

Educate your friends about email security. Share this:

Educate your friends about email safety.

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Gmail has supported encryption in transit since 2010. But 50% of the email sent from other providers to Gmail users and 35% of the email sent from Gmail users to other providers is not encrypted in transit. That's why we're working to make end-to-end email encryption more accessible to every user, regardless of their email provider.

A big part of making everyone's email safer is educating your friends about why it's important. Do your part by spreading the word today:

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Derek Slater
Google Inc.

P.S. June 5th is Reset the Net Day and we're taking part. Join this effort, and find out what you can do to secure your part of the web.

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