Thursday, June 5, 2014

Reset the Net

Here’s what we’re offering…

  • Adium & Pidgin for private (OTR) chat over Gtalk, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, XMPP / Duck Duck Go and others.
  • Textsecure and Redphone for Android and iPhone (we hope), for private SMS and voice calls.
  • HTTPS Everywhere for browsers
  • GPGtools and Enigmail (as a bonus for more sophisticated users)
  • TOR (as a bonus for sophisticated users or those with anonymity needs)
  • Tips on how to enable full disk encryption on your computers, phones, and tablets, for easy, strong protection in extreme situations. 
We decided to only offer free software tools in the privacy packs because they make it easy for outsiders to verify (and improve) their security, and because the freedom they give users helps advance the state of the art. Given how the US government induced once private tools like Skype to add backdoors, we feel that’s important. It also narrows the choices a lot to ensure we aren’t seen as playing favorites.

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