Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why It’s Essential Your E-commerce Site Is Web Responsive

The rapid technological advancement in the commerce industry is shrinking the world. Today, both medium and small business enterprises are discovering technological solutions to help them compete effectively with large corporations. The most remarkable development in the world of commerce is the increased use of tablets, smartphones and other latest mobile devices to conduct business. To maintain their rankings and positions, it is important for companies and enterprises to redesign their e-commerce sites to accommodate all sorts of mobile devices.

Why have a web responsive site
A responsive web design is a technique whereby a web specialist comes up with a website that can re-size itself based on the kind of device it is viewed on. This implies that your e-commerce site can meet all your users’ preferences. The viewer does not have to scroll through lengthy menus and lists to find the information they are looking for. A business doesn’t have to create another site for mobile devices. Through the use of a single code and content base a web responsive e-commerce site can render reliable content to a broad range of device types and screen solutions.

The benefits of a web responsive site
Web responsive websites are fluid implying that content can move freely across all devices and screen resolutions. Both the images and grids are fluid. This web characteristic will surely make customers happy and satisfied. Once customers feel that their needs are appropriately met with an improved user experience this will translate to increased sales and traffic to your site.

People are on the move 24 hours a day. A web responsive e-commerce site accommodates the busy schedules of professionals at daytime as well as college students who need to access your site at late hours. No resizing and scrolling is required for customers to access your site from their diverse devices. Therefore you attract a large customer base and audience because of your website compatibility on any device.

The advantages of owning just a single e-commerce website from integrity search that conforms to the needs of different devices are significant as compared to owning two separate sites. You can save a substantial amount of money by having one website instead of two. In addition sites designed entirely for mobile gadget traffic do not provide the sophisticated navigational technique present on conventional websites. The user is also required to maintain two distinct web addresses for your website. This inconveniences many users who may opt to check out your rivals’ website. Responsive website design improves SEO efforts by ensuring your visitors are directed to one site despite the device they are using.

Another benefit of having a web responsive website is the ability to keep your mobile and desktop content on one URL thereby boosting your SEO rankings.

As more and more people are using mobile gadgets to access the net you can also see your customer base increase by incorporating web responsive design on your e-commerce site. Businesses that fail to grasp the importance of using mobile devices when accessing the internet risk a decrease in the number of visitors to their sites. It is important to choose a qualified and experienced web designer to get the best results. If you have not made the transition to a web responsive site, you are missing out on many business opportunities. Consult your web specialist and make the switch right away.

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