Thursday, October 24, 2013

Technology for Protection: What is New on the Scene?

We live in a time where technology continues to advance and improve our daily lives. We all know about smartphones and smart-TVs, but what about smart home security? Like many other areas of our lives, home security technology is advancing as well. Today's smart security systems are a far cry from the burglar alarms of yesteryear. As computer systems advance, so do the possibilities with security systems. Here are a few recent developments in home security technology that can help you keep your home and family safe.

Wireless System Integration

Gone are the days of running wires from one end of the house to the other-- upstairs and downstairs. Wireless technology has made it possible for homeowners to secure the entire home and monitor with pinpoint accuracy. Because wires are not used, sections or zones can be more easily created, thus improving the overall control of the system. Vivint in Los Angeles CA, for example, offers some of the most advanced home management and security with total wireless integration.

Integration with Computers and Devices

Whether it's Newark home security, or way out in the country, today's systems allow the user to connect with their laptop, desktop, or mobile device. With the system software and mobile apps, the homeowner can monitor activity, set schedules for arming and disarming certain zones, and much more. It can even let you control the thermostat at the touch of a button.

Fire and Emergency Integration

Many security systems offer fire and emergency protection services that will immediately contact first-responders when an incident occurs. Combined with the smart technology available in today's systems, these added services can create much faster response times and keep the homeowner instantly aware when a problem is happening no matter where they are at the time. This is especially helpful for those who live in hurricane or tornado areas. Stay a step ahead by being prepared with your own security.

Home Hazard Detection

Besides burglars and fires, modern security systems also provide options for detecting hazards such as carbon-monoxide leaks, furnace malfunctions, or other dangerous household hazards. The homeowner is alerted if any of these dangers occur, and action can be taken immediately to save lives and property from disaster.

Smart Disturbance Detection

In the past, false alarms were common whenever a disturbance occurred near an outside door or window. A thunderstorm, a swaying tree branch, or a wandering crow was enough to set off a false alarm. Some of today's advanced security systems use audio sampling technology in combination with vibration detection to better determine the cause of a disturbance and avoid false alarms.

The advances in home security that exist today may have seemed like science fiction just 10 years ago. The ability to not only receive alerts when there is trouble, but to control various systems of the home remotely from work or while on vacation may seem like something from a futuristic movie. Amazingly, it's not; and it's all real and available today.


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