Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Business Basics: Great Ways to Display and Sell Your Products

When selling a new product, one of the great difficulties a retailer faces is breaking through the wall of preconception. Consumers are by nature creatures of habit, and their loyalty to a current brand is usually very high, which means that you have to work very hard to get past any bias. Effective marketing is a method that can yield great results for your company when done right. Practice these tips to get your brand out in the marketplace.

Isolate Core Advantages

Focus on what makes your particular product better than that of the competition. For instance, the Mr. Clean brand was able to have success with its Magic Erasers despite intense, established competition by emphasizing how its product would not mar wall paint the way existing erasers often did. Focus on what unique advantages your product offers.

Ease the Transition

One truth in marketing is that consumers take the path of least resistance. In other words, the cost of trying a new product or service must be less than the potential risk. It’s for this reason that many companies offer coupons for new items that completely cover the cost of the product. In other words, make a new product as easy as possible to sample. You may even give free samples as a way to promote your product.

Make Benefits Readily Apparent

Core advantages should be apparent just by looking at the product or its packaging. A product that can sell itself does so because the consumer is able to recognize the benefits immediately. As an example, consider removable hooks by 3M. In this case, the brand actually strayed from its standard packaging in order to let the customer see how it worked via a clear plastic bag.

Ensure It Works Out of the Box

A product’s main advantage should be the ability to be ready to go as soon as the consumer opens the packaging. Anything less will harm the consumer’s perception of that advantage.  Make sure that convenience is your new mantra, and find what necessity warrants your device. A great example of entrepreneurship coming from the University of Nebraska Lincoln is a case where engineering students created an easier way to put in track shoe spikes.

Use Promotional Products

A consumer must be receptive to the message in order for it to be successful. A used car salesman viewed as a stereotypical used car salesman will find it difficult to make a sale. A promotional item can generate goodwill and a direct connection between you and your customers, thus making the consumer receptive to your brand. It’s for this reason that insurance companies often give out personalized key fobs and USB flash drives that are imprinted with their company’s name and contact details. You can find promotional products that are specific to your company at

Be willing to think outside the box when it comes to positioning your product. Display and marketing techniques are often the most important parts of getting your product sold. Make a plan to keep your product in the minds of consumers and make it something convenient and easy-to-use.

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