Monday, June 3, 2013

New Tech Advancements to Boost Marketing Power

With the advent of cloud-based business solutions and social media, businesses have found it easier than ever to reach new and existing customers with marketing messages that target specific groups, make the business more accessible, and convert everyday visitors into paying customers on a regular basis. From search engine optimization and social media to cloud-based phone systems, business owners have a wealth of innovative resources at their fingertips that make it easier than ever to grow, expand, and enjoy greater success.

Social Media Turns Businesses into Personalities

It was once quite hard for businesses to step out from behind their phone systems, slick marketing slogans, and large corporate offices, in order to reach their customers on a more personal level. That has all changed, though, with the advent of services like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the latest social craze, Vine. In a matter of moments, business owners can create a page that shares company stories, product successes, and other anecdotes with consumers. Their target audience will feel connected to the brand more than ever before, all while learning more about how the company is working to improve their lives and offer them a superior product than the competition.

Targeted Advertising Makes it Possible to Reach Specific Customers

If a company wishes to target female shoppers no older than 45 years of age, they can do that with new ad targeting tools that use social media habits and other online account information to make precision advertising a reality. It's never been easier to craft specific marketing messages that reach varying demographics, letting customers know that a company understands exactly what they’re thinking, how they're feeling, and the products they're looking for as a result. With precision marketing messages, outreach and customer conversion has never been easier or more powerful for today's businesses of all sizes.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Make Constant Contact a Reality

An office phone system used to be a clunky series of landline phones that never left the office and couldn't even forward calls to other numbers or other lines. Luckily, those days have come to a very welcome end. With today's
small business phone systems, companies can take their calling to the cloud and answer calls wherever they happen to be. Providers like Broadview Networks allow their business clients to answer calls when they're at work or when they're on the road, using a series of smartphone apps, call forwarding features, and digital voicemail inboxes that transcend traditional landline installations.

Search Engine Optimization Puts a Company On Top

One of the quirks that has come along with
Google’s system of ranking websites based on their authority is that consumers increasingly associate a company's position in search results with its overall reputation in its industry. The company that ranks at the top of a search is perceived to be the best authority or store online. As it gets lower on the page, its status is viewed more skeptically. Companies can now take advantage of this by targeting keywords and service pages to specific searches, specific demographics, and varying types of customers. They'll be able to land themselves, their reputation, and their marketing message at the top of search results and consumers' minds in a way that wasn't even possible ten years ago. Should you target navigational, transactional, or informational keywords? Answering questions like these can help you boost traffic and conversions.

Robust Marketing Emails Make a Message Easier to Communicate to Interested Consumers

In the early days of email marketing, businesses had to do their best work without the aid of images, HTML designs, or other visual elements that serve to drive a point home much more effectively than mere text. Today, though, emails are more interactive and exciting than ever. It's possible to embed custom designs, images, and even videos right into the body of an email so that it becomes an on-demand advertisement for the company's products, marketing approaches, and well-reasoned copy. These emails have helped defy the larger trend away from inboxes and toward text messaging, giving companies almost complete ownership of the average consumer's email communications space.

Marketing is Now More Powerful Than Ever for Businesses of All Sizes

It was once feared that marketing would suffer because of increased technological tools, but recent developments have reinforced that the profession actually stands to flourish because of new services. Whether it's the real-time communication found on social media sites, or the cloud-based calling features that are taking over the office phones, marketing is getting easier and more effective seemingly by the day. For the astute, forward-minded business, the possibilities that come along with these recent developments are virtually unlimited.

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