Friday, June 14, 2013

How To Get Maximum SEO Value From Your Google Plus Account

Google Plus not only offers a selection of innovative features unmatched by Facebook or Twitter but it also has the advantage of being a Google product.  So, SEO value, Social Algorithm value, all those things that Facebook fails on, Google Plus features!
Here's the top five ways to get the most from your Google Plus Social Media Marketing!  
  1. Set Up
Set your page up with a keyword rich title.  This is vital for all social media pages, not just Google Plus.  The Tagline Box is where your website's meta description would go, and will appear in search results – so make it a concise little ad for your business. 

  1. Circle like a shark
As far as the Google Social Algorithm goes, it's all about social interaction on your page.  Since Google Plus hasn't exactly excelled in the popularity stakes, working up a decent conversation can be tough.  Circle leaders in your industry, comment and interact with their followers.  Give considered opinions and show yourself to be an expert in your field.  This is the best way to attract the right kind of likers to your business page.

  1. Post long and often
Unlike Twitters micro-blog system, Google likes nice long, detailed statuses with plenty of relevant keywords and related (LSI) keywords.  If you're posting a link to your most recent article, give it a good meaty introduction.  Post regularly, every 24 hours is ideal and best practice is no longer than 72 hours between posts.
  1. Link Paradise
No other social medium comes close to the amazing power of Google Plus Backlinking (Pinterest maybe but jeez it's a lot of work!)  Both your personal page and business page has places to not only add multiple, powerful, deep links to your website, but also anchor text – that is the keywords you're targeting. 
In your introduction section, write about yourself using keywords for your business, highlight these, turn them into links to your most valuable pages – why?  Because this introduction section gets carried with "shares" so wherever your page goes on Google Plus, those links go too!
In the recommended links and contributions sections you can add multiple pages of your own site adding the keywords as you go, or, trade with network partners to link to their sites too. 
Verify your authorship through Webmaster Tools and your posts, blogs and online content will carry a "special seal of authority" that will give you priority in search results over others.
Link from your Google Plus page to new (watermarked) photos and blogs to see your content jump the Google indexing queue. 
  1. SEO Jackpot
It's the ultimate goal….The "People and Page on Google + Box" that is being rolled out in search results now.  This box is a feature at the top of search results – your content, up in glorious lights, ready for all those additional clicks that it attracts!  Unfortunately, the only way to do it is to grow your page organically, get plenty of shares and plus 1s, build a huge community to circle your brand and become an authentic influencer.  It can happen.  Those big brands online now, were little brands like yours not so long ago.

Google Plus is handing out SEO value like candy.  It can't last forever and right now, the low uptake on Google Plus means that every link is worth its weight in gold.  Grab hold now and reap the rewards, before everybody finds out!
About the Author:  Dana Flannery is a Web Marketing Consultant for Inbound Marketing firm Talk About Creative in Brisbane, Australia.  Dana specialises in Small Business SEO without monthly fees and helping local business to take on the big guys through clever SEO strategies.

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