Friday, June 7, 2013

Top 5 ways to harness the SEO power of your business blog

So, you've got a <a href="">Business Blog</a>, now what?  Not sure what to write?  Not sure why your should be writing?  Your business blog is one of the most powerful tools you have to promote your business online, but only if you do it right.  Here's five tips to get more out of it.

  1. Write For The Audience

Find out WHY they come to your site, what they like and how they talk.  Chances are that will lead you back to the right keywords and topics to write about.  Use social media or your blog to just ask what they'd like more information about.  Check out what your competitors write about and what gets the best response.  Check what gets Googled most (use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool) in your industry and write about that.  Create a place that your tribe wants to hang out in.

  1. Blog SEO

Here are the golden rules for Blog SEO:

·         Target one low volume, low competition exact match keyword in each blog entry
·         Interlink blog entries to keep them indexed
·         Link to them from static pages and even from external pages to keep them indexed and growing
·         Always link to the corresponding static money page from each blog entry with a simple call to action. 
·         Use a highly appealing, eye catching photograph that has keyword rich alt text embedded
·         Use on page elements such as H tags, page titles and meta descriptions

  1. Keep an Eye on Search Trends

Use Google Insights For Search to keep an eye on industry trends by region and time.  Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to analyse by season and volume.  Look for spikes in interest on specific keywords and create content around them.  Make your content interesting or controversial in some way to get the most interaction and links.  Going against the common grain is a great way to get activity on your blog, but is also a fast way to annoy people – so tread carefully.

  1.  Create Article Series

Write a series of articles and schedule them to release weekly.  This will help draw users into your site and kept them coming back (this is known as<a href="">Content Marketing</a>)   You can create a kind of "course" this way and have your audience join you weekly or simply go back through your blog to follow it.  If you're using social media, do it on your busiest social media day (use Facebook Insights to figure out when this is) and then run promotions for each new article.  You may spend eight weeks showing them step by step how to redesign a living space or organise their finances – whatever will get potential customers into your blog is great.  Use a branded photograph to promote it so they get used to seeing your brand name.

  1. Be a Commentator

When something big happens in your industry (or just in general) be the first to break it down into its issues and to give insightful background on the main players.  This will allow others to quote you and will help you build links.  If you're good with Photoshop, whip up some infographics that people can share (that contain your link or web address) and position yourself as an expert.  Create press releases about your brand and why you are an expert on certain facets of your industry, when news breaks, add your commentary and send them out fast to media outlets and online press release distributors.  This will, at worst, get you a few links, at best, get you valuable press exposure.  Eventually, people will look to your site first when news breaks and that's when the links come pouring in.

Dana Flannery is the Creative Director at Website Marketing firm

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