Friday, August 9, 2013

WordPress Themes are Used for So Many Things

The Results Of Our WordPress Themes Survey
Last week we asked our readers to participate in a survey to help us better understand exactly what theme-buyers are looking for in a Premium WordPress Theme. Thanks to the ~1,500 people that completed the questionnaire! We took all of the data and created an infographic to display the results. Some of our findings were quite interesting. Do any of the results surprise you?
WordPress Infographic 2013

Analyzing The Results

1. What Compels Purchases - “Good Design” and “Flexibility” are clearly what people find most important in a theme. Only 2.8% of people regarded “Security” as the most important factor in a theme, and only 3.6% of people chose “Support” as the most important part of a theme. I found these results surprising, as Security & Support are things that we hold as a top priority.
2. Who Uses Premium Themes – The survey revealed that 57% of our customers are not end-users, but are actually developers that are using our themes to build websites for their clients. This is a larger percentage than I had anticipated, and it shows us that the majority of websites running a Premium Theme and WordPress are actually being created by freelance developers and design firms. Perhaps WordPress is still too difficult for the majority of people to use. This also makes me wonder what else we can do to assist developers in using our themes for their clients.
3. Customizability & Options – The survey shows a resounding need for flexibility and options in themes. After purchasing a theme, 85% of people will customize it before using it. 80% of users are frustrated with the lack of features in themes, as opposed to being frustrated with the complexity of themes with too many options, and 71% of users prefer themes with extensive flexibility via Shortcodes, Theme Options and Page Builders.

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