Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Marketing Tactics That Are Proven to be The Most Effective

Every business is interested in increasing their marketing effectiveness. This is the reason why they are constantly looking for a marketing approach that will enable them to tap into wider range of consumers. These strategies must also meet the different consumers’ individual needs. There are five marketing tactics that have proven to be very effective.

Focus on Benefits

It is often very hard for business owners to see their products and business from the outside in. However, this is exactly that they must do in order to be successful in their marketing endeavors. This is because they frequently become enamored with their own services and products. They also take for granted that their audiences will understand their services and products the way they do.

Marketers must consider and learn about audience concerns and needs. They must also identify potential objections that can hinder them on their marketing efforts. By doing so, it helps them identify important benefits to focus on. These benefits will be very attractive to their target audience.

Specific Targeting

According to Orange Soda Enterprise Partners, another effective marketing tactic is specific targeting. Effective marketing is always focused on a specific audience. By focusing on a particular group of consumers and looking to understand that group’s interests, desires and needs, marketers can be very effective in meeting their objectives.

Good Timing

Effective marketing must also look to reach an audience that is attentive and open to the message. This is the reason why Orange Soda Enterprise Partners helps businesses think carefully and thoroughly about their delivery mechanisms. This includes radio, newspapers, social media, TV and others. They must also consider whether their messages are being delivered at the right time and in the right place.

List the Company on Local and Google Maps

A company that has a presence on local and Google maps has an advantage over their competitors. When it comes to business marketing, a local and Google map presence helps direct customers to their establishment. This is true especially if they are near the area. At the same time, it helps businesses get ranked much higher in Google’s search rankings. The ability to leave comments and review a company is also a great tool to help evaluate the efforts a company has made. It also helps them understand their customers much better.

Posting Videos Online

The main marketing dilemma for any business today is getting found. This is the reason why online video is a great solution. A video can move a company’s website to the primary page of a Google search within 30 minutes of adding it. It also offers customers a fresh perspective on the company.

~Guest Article by Rianne Hunter

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