Monday, July 15, 2013

3 Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts

Whether you've been blogging for a few weeks or several years, you're probably always looking for ways to improve your writing and the overall quality of the posts you publish. Although blogging is definitely harder than many people realize, the good news is improving your writing doesn't have to be a painful process.

Instead, you can get a lot of mileage out of some fairly simple tweaks. If you're wondering exactly what you should be focused on in order to improve, the following three tips will help:

Use Analytics

One of the main goals of blogging is to maximize engagement with your audience. As a result, you want to get as much data about their habits as possible. Fortunately, free tools like Google Analytics make it very easy to do just that. And once you start collecting this information, you'll be able to see the types of posts that attract the highest levels of engagement, as well as which ones people don't pay much attention to.

While you're obviously not going to copy yourself over and over, having this information in front of you will make it possible for you to find patterns and optimize your future blogging efforts based on what's most likely to deliver the best results.

Stick to Plain Language

One of the most common mistakes that new bloggers make is thinking that they need to write with very formal and academic language. In reality, what most readers want is useful information that's easy to digest. Since overly complicated language means they're going to have to slow down to absorb what they're reading, you can prevent your readers from getting frustrated by sticking to a conversational tone.

Using simple language makes your content easier to find, too. If someone is having substance abuse trouble and seeking a rehab center, they aren’t going to take the time to search for “substance abuse detoxification and rehabilitation programs in Florida” – they’ll just search “alcohol rehab centers in Florida.” Write like your readers do, and you’ll be easier to find.

Break Up Paragraphs

Not only do people prefer language that's easy to absorb, they also want to read it in a format that doesn't get in the way of enjoyment. By taking advantage of whitespace and breaking your content up into plenty of paragraphs, you won't scare readers off when they see a huge block of text.

The great thing about the ongoing nature of blogging is there's always an opportunity for you to write something that's even better than what you've done before. While publishing great content is always going to require hard work, as long as you have a good attitude and remember to put the above tips into action, you'll find that your blogging efforts continue to move in the right direction.

Adrienne Erin is a social media and internet marketer who loves to share the tips she’s picked up over years spent growing with the industry. She writes regularly for Search Engine People and SiteProNews.

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